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Switched at Birth 3×21 ‘And Life Begins Right Away’: What will their futures hold?

Source: ABC Family

Ah now we come to the end of the very exciting and dramatic season of Switched at Birth. Everything is tied up, with a big surprise as Bay and Daphne get ready to graduate.

With Bay, her future seemed iffy but more positive as  she tells her parents that she wants to move to LA with Emmett and of course John and Kathryn are very reasonable and say no especially since she has no plan and no money. Bay decides to come up with a plan that makes her cost right up around $5,000 dollars (wowza!) She doesn’t know what to do especially since her day job (working as a busser at an LA art museum won’t help), so she asked Regina for angelo’s blood money (i mean insurance money!) and Regina, who seems really supportive of Bay’s adventures, gives her the money. So all is well right?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Well, Daphne is having a terrible time and even though Wes told Regina that he wasn’t going to press charges, The head of the construction equipment got Daphne’s fingerprints and she is arrested. Even though her family wants to fight in the court. No matter what, she will HAVE to serve time. Which could be as little as 90 days or long as three years. Daphne decides to take the plea bargain (the 90 days-syncs up with summer break) and her heart is broken because she has messed up her future BADLY. I’m glad that Daphne decided to take responsibility in her life and face the consequences of her actions, and also realize that YOU SHOULDN’T BREAK PRIVATE PROPERTY WHEN ANGRY.

However my luck stops here, because Bay and Daphne decide to go to the police station and BAY turns herself in and takes all the blame off of Daphne. Bay wants Daphne to have a life and achieve her dreams without the record. It’s a very courageous thing to do, but in my opinion very stupid. How will job hunting go in LA with a felony, Bay? I think she will have to move right back to KC. I wonder how this will play out next season.

But anyway with the HUGE drama, graduation! Commencement! I am so proud for all these characters! But wait! We find out even with Daphne and company’s hard work to keep Carlton open, it will close and knocked down. Damn. I mean, what’s going to happen to the younger deaf students? who is going to fight for them and make sure they are taken care of? This is really sudden and I wish this wasn’t just sprung on in the last episode. Especially when Melody is fighting for her UMKC-Gallaudet program.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

But the bad news comes with the good news when Travis’ mother shows up to graduation and supports him with ASL! Wow! Daphne also gives the commencement speech (as voted by her peers) and it’s heartfelt and warm and it makes me realize how much time I have spent dedicated to the livelihood of these characters (A LOT!).

Other things:

-Wes gives up the East Riverside project (good idea) and asks Regina to move with him to Hawaii. It’s sort of out of the blue, but expected since the sexual tension. I wonder if Regina will spend the summer there. I think she needs it even if she doesn’t hook up with Wes. God knows she needs a break from all this, maybe a family vacation?

-Toby and Miss Summers are still hanging out…bleh bleh.

-Emmett always talks about after parties. Like he goes to that many anyway.

-Cherie starts singing “Stand by Me” which is sweet but I agree with my sister said, “Why was this necessary.”

What did you think about the season finale? Like it? Love it? What do you think will happen in season four? Let me know!

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