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Switched at Birth 3×20 ‘Girl on the Cliff’: What will be the conclusion?

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We are one episode away from the season finale and it seems that everything is setting up for a big blowout. So lets start with our biggest problem this  summer: Daphne.

An intervention was held in honor of Daphne and her coke experience is now her parents business. They start to lecture her but she brushes off their concerns. This becomes a bigger thing when Daphne tells the group that Regina pulled a gun on her and is working for Chip Coto. Bay announces that Daphne is hanging out with the brick thrower Nacho and the family is up in arms and Daphne is grounded indefinitely which means no prom, which doesn’t seem to matter or for not caring Daphne.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Daphne makes the wrong decision again when a patient comes in with an awful leg wound. When the Doctor ask her to get tetanus shot from the medicine cabinet, she heads in there and along with the shot, she grabs a bottle of Oxycontin. SMDH. She almost tries it, but flushes it down the sink. However, she doesn’t even get a day without being caught and the Doctor fires her immediately because she crossed a line.

Her snowball keeps getting bigger when Regina knows that in the video footage from the construction site that Nacho and now Daphne have been apart of the destruction. She is furious and can’t believe her daughter would sink so low. This causes Daphne to disappear while Regina tries to fix it with Wes, who lets her go for the day (or until he comes down??). Kathryn and Regina and John go on a search for Daphne and they find her at the scene of Agnelo’s accidents, flowers and pictures all over the grass. She cries and thinks she is a terrible person (yes) but her mothers reassure her she is okay, and that they understand. They hug it out and it seems that even though Daphne is going to stop being a nuisance, her troubles are not behind her.

Emmett is taking Bay to prom and this time he won’t mess up. And while the school was having campaigns (when was this happening?) Bay and Emmett are Prom King and Queen and Bay is overwhelmed (mostly because she is things its superficial). However, there is a problem. Girls must wear dresses and guys must wear tuxedos. Which is awful and ‘archaic” as Natalie’s girlfriend accurately puts it. Bay feels bad that this is happening to a really nice couple and feels bad that she can express her gender identity easily and others cannot. Regina pushes her to use her powers as Prom Queen to change the status quo. While, she really can’t force the school district to change the dress code so close to prom, her  and the support of Natalie and Mary Beth, they decide to wear ‘tuxedos’ (or just a really fancy pantsuit combinations) and go into Prom. Emmett is a bit shocked because he wanted their night to be perfect. However, he is glad that Bay is defending her friends’ right to gender expression.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

When they are not let inside prom. A guy called Mr. Z,(i have no idea who he is he just showed up in this episode) tells them that girls shouldn’t’ be dressed like ‘freaks’ (REALLY? PANTS ARE CONSIDERED FREAKISH?). They decide to have an outside Prom in front of the school.  Matthew comes to Prom, better than ever and it finally seems that the ghosts of Emmett’s past is coming to a better ending. With ‘outside prom’ (worst name ever for an anti-prom), and Matthew maybe we can see a brighter and easier future for the coup

In other news, Toby is having trouble getting gigs as he becomes a new DJ. Tank decides to help with making flyers and posting them around campus. When Toby gets a gig with the Omega Psi frat, for their annual barbecue thing. Tank gets mad when Toby wants to keep the job. He storms off. Toby realizes that he was being an ‘asshat’ towards Tank, so even though he went to DJ, he felt bad. However Tank apologizes for being an ‘asshat’ because he was taking out his anger of Toby. They almost bro-hug (well hug…) but decide to get some sliders instead.


Other things:

-Was Wes flirting with Regina or was he trying to be helpful? Either way, there was definitely some unfinished business (of the sexual kind) between these two.

-I wish Hilary was more of a character this season, or at least seen in the backgrounds. So we could understand her more instead of being a one episode arc. She seems so interesting and it would balance all the heterosexual energy that radiates too much in this show.

-We also find out that Daphne never applied to Northwestern, even if it is her dream school. So we have one kid who applies but doesn’t get in  and another who doesn’t even apply because she wants to be a bit rebellious (and really sad).

-We all saw you taking down those posters, Tank. You are not that mysterious.


What do you think of this episode? Next week’s the season finale, so what do you expect to happen?  Let me know!


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  • http://sceneontv.tumblr.com Darci

    Finally, the long and overdue Daphne intervention. It’s been bothering me for at least a few episodes waiting for this to happen and it finally did – she had really gone off the rails lately

    Also loved that they used “Girl Is A Queen” by Splash when they are all walking into the prom and I liked how they turned the outside prom into something way better than inside anyway because let’s face it most people end up being miserable by the end of their real proms anyway