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Switched at Birth 3×19 ‘You Will Not Escape’: Hitting rock bottom

Source: ABC Family

Big things are happening the in Switched at Birth world and I have no idea how they will turn out. Let’s get started.

Bay visits the fancy neuroscience doctor and gets scanned for the aneurysm disease. As they ready the results she goes to senior skip day and sees the fake Mandy girl from the online mess. Excitedly, fake Mandy talks about how she broke up with her boyfriend because of Emmett’s romantic writing and Bay freaks out about it and the fact that Emmett got into USC for filmmaking (see the ‘other things’ for my confusion).  I guess Bay is upset that girls will be hitting on Emmett and that she won’t be there to see it? (I have no idea about this plotline at all). When she finds out (I already knew in my heart) that she was not carrying the disease.  So she makes a decision to go with Emmett to USC (if he wants to go) because she doesn’t know what to do, but she is positive about Emmett’s future and wants to be there with them.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Katherine is invited to New York because of her book, and she invited Regina to come along. As Katherine boozes it up and chats, a mysterious man named Chris Washburn comes up to her saying he was in her book, and that they have ‘a lot of catching up to do’. We find out that Katherine had SEX on a TRAIN with this dude and he has been ‘thinking about it for a very long time’. OH GOD. The awkwardness! And it gets MORE awkward when they bump into him AGAIN and Katherine suggests that she is in a relationship with Regina! The guy doesn’t seem to steered off but turned on and I become extremely uncomfortable. AND THEN, AND THEN REGINA KISSES HER IN FRONT OF EVERYONE TO DETER THE CREEPY GUY AND I CANNOT WITH THIS PLOTLINE ANYMORE. Basically Katherine gets to meet her favorite author, who is going to have her book, Batter Up! used on her syllabus.

Meanwhile, Travis drops out of school because of the job and he feels so happy to get money and be on his own. However, Melody finds out and tries to convince him to join the deaf program at UMKC. However, he wants to do something with his life and he thinks starting a job will be down his path. It’s a sad plotline because his parents are so stuck with mediocrity that anything he does is not an accomplishment, and they don’t expect much from him so he is always slipping through the cracks. However Melody refuses to let him do that. She confirms that he is still enrolled at Carleton and that he will go to college. Travis looks so happy, that some finally gives a crap about him, however I have to wonder what the boss of the job he just got hired will think about this. Or will he try to balance both?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

And now on to Daphne , who gets a group of the senior class to ditch and go to Hawkeye Ranch, a carnival of some sorts. Daphne tries to ‘rebel’ against the parks rules and asks Nacho to grab some beers. Nacho comes with beers and all but since he doesn’t think they are a couple (or basically considered them a one time thing) he brings his honey with him. He doesn’t think they are a thing and brings a hottie to the Ranch. Daphne drinks more and then makes out with Travis on the carnival ride, which is just upsetting to everyone who saw it. Daphne becomes  more of a despicable person every minute, especially when Bay tells her to chill out and that not everything is about her (from Bay, wow!) and Daphne pushes her, HARD and stomps off. All this anger is brought on not only REgina’s involvement with Angelo’s anger (and then death) but also the life insurance money they got because of Angelo which was one million dollars. And when Regina tries to make amends, by giving the money from the insurance to Melody’s education program (under Angelo’s name), and then maybe a vacation for Daphne and  her, Daphne is livid. and yells at Regina, telling her ‘you were never my mother’ and storms out. Ouch. I understand Daphne’s anger and sadness that Angelo is gone but her attitude is really starting to bother me and her low points are really lower farther than expected. Hopefully she will be able to climb out of her hole and just take a breather and realize that regina is her biggest ally and supporter and that they both need time to heal, together.



-Emmett gets into USC (like how? He doesn’t do well in school, how did he get into USC? AND THE FILM SCHOOL TOO. Is Emmett a boy genius or something?

-is Daphne, Bay and the gang the only seniors at the school?

-the beer that Nacho gave is soo fake

-Bay talking loudly while sign language (Even though it is essential) it would be hilarious if someone was like “We can hear you Bay!”


What did you think of the episode? Let me know!


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