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Switched at Birth 3×18 ‘It Isn’t What You Think’: Tensions rise as they build bridges

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A very long ‘previously on’  to this new episode of Switched at Birth, but we have a lot to cover.

Tension is heavy with Regina and Daphne (mostly from Daphne’s part) as she was particularly rude to Wes when he brought a basket of muffins to Regina. Regina is excited to start working again with the East Riverside project, and of course Daphne is even more upset with that.

The rest of the Carlton students find out if they got into college, and Daphne and Emmett got into Gallaudet and Travis did not. Melody tries to assure him that’s all right but he doesn’t think so. I feel bad because this was his chance to change his life forever. Travis starts talking to his friend, Garrett who offers him a job at a mechanic (or moving) company. Apparently he is living the life without a high school degree and is willing to help Travis out. However, when he gets to job offer, he has to start right away full-time, which means he would have to drop out of school (how ridiculous is this guy) and Travis needs to make a decision (And he chooses the job). Well hopefully, someone will knock some sense into his mind.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Toby checks in on Cherie, the field hockey star player and realizes she is failing English and will probably lose her scholarship. Toby decides to help and get Miss Summers (Who is concidently the English lit teacher) to help her re do it. They get into an argument. However, they seem to make up because they sleep with each other. We find out that Summers is American but went to British boarding school (hence the accent). However, when Toby brings up Cherie (in bed after SEX), Summers gets angry and leaves. Toby apologizes with a gift (of earplugs) and tells her that he enjoyed her company and wouldn’t take advantage again, Lily tells another story about her deaf brother and how people babied him because of his deafness and she doesn’t want to baby someone’s potential. However, even with that she still gives a makeup test to Cherie.

Bay tries to make amends with Tank after weeks of tension. As their friendship grows, Tank asks Bay to go to dinner with him and his father because he wants to tell him about him depledging a fraternity (which is very big in his family) Chuck, Tank’s father (Parks and Rec’s Jim O’Heir!!) joins at dinner, and of course  doesn’t know Tank is also not dating Bay. Tank tells him about the fraternity and he has joined new things and wants to explore more in college, and when Tank tells him “to get over it” he leaves (dammit Jerry why did you do this).

Daphne has not learned from her drug experience and is now finding friendship with Nacho as they set revenge on the East Riverside project. They spray paint over signs, kick down chairs and then smash the windows on a tractor. After  that rush, they almost get busy in the parking lot, but Daphne asks Nacho to ‘take it slow’.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile, Regina and Wes come to the groundbreaking ceremony and the place is completely wrecked (way more than you can see in the dark!) With the tractors engines screwed up (sand mixed with oil equals thousands of dollars gone) Their contractor pulled out and left with no options. Chip Coto’s company is just dying to work there. Regina refuses, but Wes thinks it’s their only choice.

Melody talks to Daphne about Gallaudet and tells to basically ‘don’t take advantage of this opportunity’ but Daphne resists, and Melody has to tell her that Regina is trying her hardest to pick up the pieces and be normal because the world has changed and Daphne has to be forgiving. With Daphne changing her mind and attempting to make amends with Regina, she sees her with Wes and Chip Coto and Wes’ office. This will definitely not end well. With Nacho by her side she decides to take things ‘fast” and stage two of Daphne’s rebellion is underway.


Other things:

-Did Bay really not apply to any other school? Is she that reliant on getting into Pratt that she never had a back up plan. Do you realize in 2014 how stupid that is?

-I also like how Bay pulled ‘but what about me and my feelings’ towards Tank about him living with Toby. And I especially enjoyed him telling her that it was her fault.

-I understand that Emmett is a legacy, but how many strings did Melody pull? Wasn’t he failing some classes at some point in his school career?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

-What Melody said about how some deaf kids fall through the cracks because of educational systems failing to create spaces of deaf students (with little openings in deaf spaces such as a college) resonated with me alot. That is why that I hope that Melody’s satellite program works (however the accuracy of this being done in a year seems unlikely). We need people to fight for rights for all individuals especially marginalized communities.

What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know!


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