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Switched at Birth 3×17 ‘Girl with the Death Mask (She Plays Alone)’: Daphne has lost her mind.

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It’s been two weeks since Angelo’s death and everyone is in fragments. Bay gets a letter from Angelo’s mother and says she has a cousin who Angelo lived with in Chicago. Kathryn and John thinks it is a great idea to get out of the house especially since Northwestern’s pre-med program, is on Daphne’s list. , and so Bay, Daphne and John head out on the great adventure to the Windy City.

Baby Abby (!!!) and Leo come to visit Regina, but since she is clouded with sadness that she forgets, so Kathryn spends the day with them. We find out Victor (the other father) divorced Leo and he has to take care of Abby by himself. Kathryn trying to be the nice person decides to set up her only gay friend, Renzo with Leo. He’s cute so Renzo is in, but he makes a complete fool of himself and ruins the night, and Leo, doesn’t want someone in his life right now and thanks Kathryn for trying.


Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Bay meets her cousin, Sebastian Sorrento and he is an artist (of course), and also really standoffish around Bay. He doesn’t say much about Angelo,and when he does, it’s  negative. When Bay tries to get to know him, she accidently (of course) breaks something and owes her new cousin $700, which is ridiculous for a vase. Trying to impress, she tries to get the money from John, however, he is not having it and he goes with Bay back to Sebastian’s house. They find out he had a replicas of the vase , and  Sebastian was just bitter that Angelo owed him money and wanted to get it back (which is rude considering he DIED). Bay tells Sebastian he was insensitive and when he finds out that Angelo had a brain aneurysm, we find out that aneurysms are hereditary because Angelo’s older sister, Francesca died when she was 18 years old of the same thing. Bay now thinks she is a “ticking time bomb” and I feel incredible empathy towards this struggle. Just in general how important knowing family history is, and also that angelo had to lose someone close to him from the same thing he died from. I wonder if Bay will tell her parents and see if there anything they can do to help with this condition (if she even has it at all).

Toby is guest DJ-ing an event at a college hangout and Emmett joins along with Mary Beth, and Tank is there, drinking his desperation and sadness away,and  apparently using a social media app to get the ladies (probably not). Since Emmett is there, Tank comes up and talks to Mary Beth and they pretend that Emmett is Travis, trying to protect Emmett from the big man. However this doesn’t go well when Travis actually comes in after work and kisses MB and Miss “Lily” Summers rats out Emmett for “trying” to drink underage. Tank tries to punch Emmett, but misses, and falls over, making an ass of himself.

Toby tries to with Lily to help Tank to Toby’s apartment. There seems to be a bit of flirtation between Toby and Lily and hopefully it’s a quick little hookup that doesn’t affect anybody whatsoever (oh who am I kidding this is Switched at Birth). Tank decides to move in with Toby because he is alone and now we are definitely up for some weird moments between Toby, Tank, Bay and now Emmett since he knows his face. Great.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family


Lastly, let’s talk about Daphne, who has gone completely out of control.She is still not talking to Regina, and while at pre-med she gets together with a guy who gives her a tour around the pre-med side of campus. In the span of what I say a couple of hours, Daphne decides to get high with this kid, and since his dorm neighbor is fresh out of weed, Daphne instead of just WALKING AWAY, gets coke. And now she is on a demonic frenzy trying to destroy everything in her path and including her tour guide’s room. They throw a chair off a building. OFF A BUILDING and she screams maniacally while almost killing three kids. I know she wants to rebel and is upset about Angelo’s death and is just so angry at Regina, but seriously, putting your life (and other’s in danger) is not the way to handle your emotions. Like honestly just talk to Regina. just talk to her.  It’s almost as if the shoe is on the other foot because I am really frustrated with Daphne this week and Bay seems to be the reasonable one. This is driving me insane! I need consistency!

Other notes:


-It’s really nice that Kathryn extends such a loving hand to Leo and Abby and helps them. It would be really nice if they could be around longer. I also love Bay and Abby together as sisters.

– I have no idea why Toby doesn’t comply with Lily and  just TURN THE MUSIC DOWN. Like he forgot how headphones worked in Iceland?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

-Lily looks bored out of her mind with Toby’s music, haha.

-I also want to remind everyone that I really love Mary Beth and Travis together.

-Also reminder that Toby is NINETEEN and refers to Nikki as his “ex-wife”. Barely even together for two months and he can say that?.

-I hope Daphne gets in trouble for the drugs, but with the next episode preview it seems she is only causing more damage.


What did you think about the episode? Will Daphne talk to Regina again? Will we get to know Angelo’s otherside? Will Toby and Lily hook up? Let me know!


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