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Switched at Birth 3×16 ‘The Image Disappears’: Their lives changed forever

Source: ABC Family

So everything starts off sad but hopeful on Switched at Birth. We start out with a flashback, Angelo and Regina waiting for a genetic (sort of) test on Daphne, and it becomes a huge argument. Regina tells Angelo to leave and we start in our present situation.

Angelo just got out of surgery from a brain injury from a severe car accident, but he remains stable. Regina let’s Daphne go to her SAT exam, but when she tells Toby to call her if there is an emergency, but it looks like Daphne won’t be able to take the test because she gets kicked out for responding to an emergency call, which is weird that the proctor didn’t turn off the phone before putting it up on the table.

Bay talks to Angelo and what may seem like a coincidence, her talking literally makes Angelo unstable (okay I joke). Angelo’s Cerebral thing goes out of whack and Angelo is back in surgery again with more serious issues. While, Bay tries to find something to do she decides to donate her blood in honor Angelo, however she faints and has a WEIRD DREAM #1 with her about to give labor to TWINS and ANGELO IS THERE? He calms her down with some beautiful French and Bay is basically hilariously awful as a pregnant woman especially a pregnant woman with TWINS.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Daphne comes in after (not) taking the SATs which Bay yells at her for, but she isn’t paying attention because she starts reading the doctor’s lips and they say that Angelo is brain-dead. Nobody can really figure out the situation. Regina is angrily heartbroken, and can’t wrap her head around being brain dead. The doctor is really breaking patient with these emotions from both sides of the family. Daphne follows the doctor out of the hospital, and he suggests organ donation to help heal the family.

John is trying to find more options to bring Angelo back to life, and put him in a ‘better’ hospital. John then reveals to Kathyrn that Angelo asked for him about the loan because he was broke and John said no because he thinks Angelo ‘deserved it’. No John is guilty for being really awful towards Angelo for like the past year and a half.

Bay and Daphne talk to each other and Bay gets emotional when Daphne suggests organ donation. Now Bay, (even though I understand her pain is being unreasonable) yells at Daphne saying she doesn’t know anything about him and that he isn’t her dad and basically just shutting down everything because she is upset

Then Daphne has A WEIRD DREAM # TWO about Angelo in which she is about to get married and he (and John are going to walk her down the aisle. He gives her advice about taking the next step and these dreams are upsetting me. I know that these are based on “next lifestep” choices but why are they so male driven in the way that they are getting married or the father of the twins is coming and he is needed at the exact moment? What about Daphne struggling with medical school and he gives her advice or Bay about to put up a gallery in New York and is frustrated. I think these would be true to character and true to Angelo rather that these “life steps” that are to be “given away” from the father to another man. Sorry for my feminist theory, but these day dreams make me severely uncomfortable. Mostly because they are plain awful.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Bay and Emmett go to Angelo’s apartment in search for his mother’s number, and then Emmett finds a BINDER about Angelo’s last will and Testament. Angelo says (in his will) that he would like to be taken off life support and Bay doesn’t want to hear, but Emmett tries to convince her to get the binder to Regina. They then all decide to take him off of life support and donate his organs. During this process we find out that Angelo had a Brain Aneurysm that was a preexisting condition that was accelerated due to stress and anger (directed towards his work and Regina), which make Regina and Daphne feel awful (and me too because seriously? They can’t even catch a break in this episode).

The end of the episode reflects on Regina having a dream about Angelo and instead of him walking out of her life, she apologizes and they are able to start their lives again. All that Regina wasn’t able to do with him during that time. Now Regina has to pick up the pieces of her life and move on from the mistakes she has made, even though Switched at Birth is making it impossible. I hope she doesn’t spiral out of control. Stay strong Regina! He loved you and that is all what matters.

As the family see Angelo head out of the ICU, Regina and Daphne have a moment alone and now we see that Daphne is upset. More than upset actually angry, especially towards Regina (uh oh).

I am a little heartbroken that Angelo had to go even though I did make fun of him a lot. I was really rooting for him to connect with his daughters (especially Daphne) and he is gone too soon. Angelo (and actor Gilles Marini) you will be missed.


Some other notes

-I am done with Regina’s outbursts. She has been the most unreasonable person this season (sometimes understandably) but I wish she would be less reactionary and sometimes just put up with what is tossed, but I felt a mix of sympathy but also anger at her outburst at John for hating Angelo.

-However,  the Kathryn and Regina moments are really great and help bring the episode to it’s reflective center.

-However ,I really hate Bay’s attitude. She picks and decides who gets to be hers and what isn’t hers. Yes she had a closer relationship to Angelo than Daphne but her claims are outrageous and she is always making it about her. Instead of what other people need want (as explained by Emmett). She just needs to adjust the attitude in her perfect privileged world and realize life is not fair. at all.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

-I find it a bit amusing when Daphne goes to talk to the Doctor again, he seems like he has had enough.  ‘I have had enough of these people refuting my claims. I am an acclaimed neurosurgeon, here is some damn pictures to prove me right, now leave me alone!’

-Bay’s French is a bit hokey but I appreciate the effort, and I also enjoyed that Angelo’s mother was able to talk to her son before they pulled the cords. Probably the most touching moment of the episode.

What did you think of this episode? Heartbreaking? Sad? Overly Dramatic? Let me know!

P.S. I might have spelled Kathryn’s name wrong for these entire recaps and apologize if that bothers you/has been a problem. It’s Kathryn than Katherine. Sorry for all the mistakes (if  not corrected)


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