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Switched at Birth 3×15 ‘And We Bring the Light’: It ends with a phone call…

Source: ABC Family

In this episode everything is not so cheery in Mission Hills, and it all ends in a devastating call.

With Regina, she finally goes to the shooting range with Wes. Learning to aim at bottles and now she is capable of carrying a gun with her? Anyway Wes ask her to attend a dinner with councilmen for the East Riverside project. Little did we know that one of those people of the government is CHIP FREAKIN’ COTO. Oh that slimy bastard is back again! He wants them to get into this weird construction company plan but it would be slightly illegal and Regina warns Wes about the whole DAPHNE situation, and at the end of the day Wes listens to Regina (he sooo wants her) and rejects the council people’s offer. As Regina heads back to her shop, someone wrote LIAR in really bad on her windows, which then brings me to Daphne’s story.

Daphne is taking the SATs again (even though its spring and she should be getting acceptance letters than taking the SATs). She is stressed because the test is tomorrow and she didn’t know where she left her practice SAT book. Angelo thinks she needs to take a break and takes her to the restaurant he owns and they decide to bake something. We find out Daphne is worried about disappointing people, and we realize that Angelo is the huge disappointment with this family, because now his restaurant is in foreclosure. Daphne and him have a bonding moment, and it’s really sad to see Angelo in that position.

Daphne remembers where she put her SAT book (at KD). Daphne comes in, not even TRYING to be careful and causing a ruckus (you would think they would have seen Regina’s car in front and know she was there). Regina is scared and calls out  and shuts the supply closet door as she assembles her gun. Daphne goes upstairs and Regina pulls a gun on her, you know just some friendly miscommunication that could of almost killed Daphne, nbd.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Regina apologizes and Daphne tells Angelo. Angelo gets upset and yells at Regina, they argue, Regina ( i think) calls Angelo a failure/doesn’t support her, Angelo thinks Regina is cheating on him with Wes, he storms out in a rage, and he angry drives away…however I will get to this big moment after I get done with Bay’s plot.

Bay didn’t get into Pratt, and is really sad about it. I wonder if Bay applied anywhere else? There are SO many art schools in New York she could of gotten into one of them. And wait, Pratt isn’t a very difficult school to get into, how bad were her grades? Well just as she found out, Toby is back from Iceland, and he has a stupid goatee/mustache as a token of his experience. When Toby realizes that Bay needs help he says she should do an art project to prove that she is qualified to get into Pratt (Bay got rejected Toby not Waitlisted like you, she can’t do anything else). And I love how Toby is the creative one now. Bay makes an idea that can recreate the Northern lights, and I realized that I missed Bay doing art. We don’t see her in art class anymore and her focus has been on guys, I wish she used her art as an outlet more. Katherine decides to help out Bay and Toby, and while setting up the project they blew out all the lights at the building they were out (was it a performing art center?) Bay gets mad at Mom for no reason (other than not getting into Pratt) they get into trouble with security. Bay apologizes, John comes to the rescue and helps everyone out, and the project looks beautiful.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Now we realize that Toby wants to be a DJ, and go on welfare to get equipment (Commence the hugest eye roll).

What supposedly beautiful ending ends tragically when Katherine gets a phone call from the hospital that somebody got into an accident, and we realize it’s Angelo. He is scraped and bruised and barely alive, staring blankly.

Well this isn’t going to go well.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know!

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