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Switched at Birth 3×14 ‘Oh, Future!’: Tying the strings and moving forward

Source: ABC Family

So I think this was one of the better episodes of Switched at Birth. Everything ended positively and we were also able to talk about one of my favorite subjects: privilege.

While Bay was “studying” with Emmett she overhears Melody getting a  job offer in Madison, Wisconsin. Bay being the nosy person she is tries to find a way that Emmett can stay in Kansas City for the rest of senior year. They decide to go to Emmett’s father’s, Cameron, housewarming party.He wants to be there as little as possible. However, as they tried to leave, Cameron and Debbie have one announcement, they are getting married! SUPER AWKWARD not because Emmett has to witness this, but because MELODY was there too with her date, the doctor who did the Cochlear implants on Cameron. Oh man, and it gets better because Debbie announces that she is pregnant! With a boy! Oh god, I was so uncomfortable and felt so much for Emmett as he stormed out. however, Bay decides to be the better person and tell him to be honest on how he feels with his father and that he will not be forgotten because there is someone else.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

To the smaller story lines, Katherine had lunch with Sarah Lazaar and this time the situation wasn’t intense, actually quite happy. Sarah was able to get Katherine to stick up for herself in front of her publisher, and Sarah tells Katherine that their “switched at birth” story is being turned into a movie . I immediately thought Lifetime movie, but it may be the real thing. I wonder how the rest of the family will take this news (and sometimes the media attention after). Katherine after some cake and wine, asks Sarah if she really did sleep with her husband, and Sarah said no. Good guy John not sleeping with other people and sending them cake to their room instead! One point for John!

Travis wanted to get tickets to the Chiefs game because football player Derrick Coleman, who’s deaf is playing, but his brother never got him the tickets. Mary Beth decides to cheer him up and says that he is going to be going to a Barbeque restaurant! As they eat and wait, Mary Beth tries to find out about Travis’ real family. He gets upset and defensive, but he apologizes because he doesn’t like talking about them, I mean, who would? They never supported him and they haven’t even reached out to him to see if he is okay! How could they just let him go like that? As they leave the restaurant, thinking Derrick wasn’t going to come, surprise he totally came! Travis recommends the atomic wings and basically Derrick was like ‘cool man, byeee’ (well how I interpreted because football players can’t act for their life) but I am glad Travis did have that happy moment.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Now on to Daphne and Regina. Daphne is looking at pre-med programs but finds out they are really expensive. Daphne is looking for scholarships but Bay’s privileged ass is like ‘I am not paying for college, why shouldn’t you? Let J and K pay for all of it, no worries!’ John and Katherine tell Regina they would liked to pay for Daphne’s education but Regina refuses because she thinks that it will make Daphne soft and entitled (every parent in the world shouts, ‘WHAT?!’ to Regina). She was being totally unreasonable out this. When I asked my mom what would she do in that situation, my mom said she would of just said yes and walked out. Regina then does another unreasonable thing and gets Daphne an interview for a Latina American scholarship, which yes Daphne was raised in a Puerto Rican environment and has the last name Vasquez has never suffered oppression because of her race. The interview goes horribly wrong because basically Daphne can only site being discriminated against because her deafness as something she had to struggle with not because she is Latina.  Yay intersectionality! Daphne tells Regina that it is basically not happening and Regina storms out thinking that she is a ‘Kennish now’ (Regina being unreasonable for the third time). However she apologizes, she is just upset that she can’t provide for her child and is allowing for J and K to pay for college. Thank you Regina (and more sighs from everywhere who has to pay for college ever) .

All is well in the SaB universe and Toby will be back next week. Hopefully he has learned great things in Iceland (or not).

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!


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