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Switched at Birth 3×13 ‘Like a Snowball Down a Mountain’: And it rolls and builds…

Source: ABC Family

Another week, another episode of Switched at Birth where the tension between situations builds. Let’s get started.

Bay finally breaks up with Tank. It was painful to watch because he is so painful to watch. He just really likes Bay and Bay just rips his heart out. When Tank went to win her back at her house, John, who is always making things worse, yells at Tank for forcing Bay for using Plan B. Except Tank never had sex with Bay. Tank angrily tells Bay what happens and finds out that she cheated on him with Emmett. he storms off and now, Bay has to live with the guilt of cheating someone even though her ex boyfriend (now boyfriend) cheated on her. Shame.

Meanwhile, Emmett and Bay are trying to get rid of the pictures from Matthew’s cell phone and computer. They break into his locker and delete the pictures, but find out that the folder that says “Mandy” on his computer is filled with pictures of Emmett and also there is a LETTER to Emmett in which he confesses his feelings towards him. It’s weird but it explains SO MUCH  of what has been happening. Bay is confused to report him or not, but with the help of Natalie, she realizes that they need to give him a pass because he is struggling with his feelings and sexuality and it was a mistake. Which seems very adult of Bay considering everything that she does during the show.  

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

For Daphne, she is still with Campbell and everything seems to be going well until she is hired as a paid assistant at the clinic. However she is nervous because Campbell has been there longer and has more experienced. This makes Campbell obvious jealous and a little hurt, so when a health inspection goes wrong, and she covers for Campbell mistakes, they yell at each other (well mostly because Campbell is jealous and is taking out his frustrations on the wrong person). This ends sort of sadly because Campbell is able to find a job with a clinic…across town, which means Daphne and him won’t be seeing each other often. This leads to a silent but heavy break up between these two characters, just as I started rooting for them.

Regina is still dealing with East Riverside hate, and while she is working on the project with Wes, she finds out that he has a gun in his briefcase. He wants to protect himself, Angelo (who is following Regina EVERYWHERE) calls him an ‘American Cowboy’ (which is suppose to be an insult?). Regina at first is not willing to get a gun, but as she leaves work a mysterious guy parks his car in front of her store, waiting for her. Additionally, when at home she gets a strange phone call from a private caller who ask for her name and then hangs up. Regina then decides to ask Wes to get her a gun.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

And finally with Kathryn, everything seems to be going well with the book. She is going to be on the cover of parade magazine (in which she is surrounded by very cute male models). However, the legal team at the Publisher’’s are worried about sports reporter Sarah Lazzard (weakly renamed in the book) who is trying to sue because of the things written about her. This happens to also be the same woman who wrote the competing Switched at Birth book. It’s putting Kathryn in a bind because she doesn’t care about this woman but doesn’t want it to her book release. The publisher says its fine but I feel like there is more to this story that will be coming out in the next few episodes. Is Sarah really all the rumors say about her or will Kathryn ruin her reputation for publicity?

What do you guys think of this episode?  Do you think Regina will tell Angelo about the gun? Do you think Daphne and Campbell will get back together? Will Bay stop making bad decisions? Let me know!

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