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Switched at Birth 3×12 ‘Love Among the Ruins’: And we’re back!

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Hello everyone! Long time no see!

So lots of things to come back to from the break: gentrification, catfishing, cheating, the fact that Toby is in Iceland (which I completely forgot about). Let’s get started shall we?

Bay has officially cheated with Tank by sleeping with Emmett and she regrets it big time. Not only does she feel horrible about the affair but they also had sex without protection! How Scandalous! Bay has to get the morning after pill and Emmett assumed she was on birth control (I did too, did she just rely on just condoms to work the times she was with Ty? Come on Bay didn’t you watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager?). However Bay can’t split up with Tank after he quit his fraternity for good because of her and the fact that he would not stop talking about how amazing she is and how he wants to make this relationship work and grow with her. Oh god it was so uncomfortable. He can’t even talk to his ex-fraternity brothers for a year! However, Bay can’t be without Emmett and she is going to make it work guys, she is going to make it work.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Emmett is bruised up from the confrontation with his catfish (Which would have made great reality T.V.) but upset he tries to call a truce but Matthew doesn’t let him and starts posting the Mandy conversations all over the school’s campus. Emmett tells his mom and she goes to the principal only for Matthew to blackmail him with a most likely risque photo. Emmett denies that anything happened in front of the principal. His mom confronts Matthew in the hallway and slams him against the lockers and tell him to stay ‘the hell away from my son’. OOOOH I love win Mamma Emmett gets angry! However things take a turn for the worst, because now Mamma Emmett is suspended.

Daphne is trying to find out who threw the brick through the window, and from a friend she finds out it is some gang member named Nacho. Daphne tells Angelo (even though Regina told her not to) and Bay, who is a huge blabber mouth, tells the Kennish parents, and because Bay needs to be involved in everything goes with her. Bay decides to flirt with Nacho and his brother over a game of pool, and place bets (I rolled my eyes so far into my head during this part I saw my brain). Bay wins the game and Daphne asks Nacho to leave her mother alone. . Nacho calls Regina a sellout and a whore which Daphne fires back to ‘leave her out of it’ because she quit the business, or …to continue to Regina’s side of things…

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Regina is upset that people think she is attached to the East Riverside project now, and is trying to figure everything out (especially with the debts she owes). When the truth is revealed, The Kennishes think that she shouldn’t back down because of the bullies and also because Kennishes  are always okay with a little bit of gentrification.  She goes back to Wes and says that they should continue with the project (with her included) in East Riverside but with the help of the neighborhood businesses. And yes, she gets her job back. Daphne asks Angelo to learn to sign language (which he tries, so much) and move in with Regina. One happy family? Possibly? I am very worried about what Regina will be getting into, I really don’t want to watch these neighborhood businesses leave because of gentrification and because of Wes’ ideas. Regina, stick to your guns please!!!

So what did you think about the episode? Think Regina should continue with the project? Think Bay should be with Emmett? Think suspending Melody was a wise choice? Let me know!

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