Supernatural 9×21 ‘King of the Damned’ : “Just ’cause you’re hot for Metatron or Bieber or Beckham…”

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FINALLY, we reach the end of the Abaddon storyline.  This story has been building all season and I find the ending to be a relief and sort of underwhelming.  Also, we have an appearance by Cas and more talk of that Metatron guy.  Whatever.  I find myself wishing this season would just wrap up already.

Yeah, so Abaddon is dead.  Spoiler.  Whatever.  You knew it was coming, right?  And what was the whole point of this storyline?  Other than having the Winchesters drive all over Vancouver (I mean, the U.S.) in search of the First Blade and the Mark of Cain…and don’t get me wrong, that stuff was fun.  But was it worth an entire season?  I’m just thinking no.  Because if this whole storyline were worth an entire season, then why was everything split among the Metatron storyline, Abaddon, and monster-of-the-week stuff?  Meh.  I thought Cain was super cool and Cuthbert Sinclair (played by Kavan Smith) was also really cool.  I didn’t hate this storyline, I just couldn’t take it so spread out.  The end seemed obvious and underwhelming.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

When Crowley gave Dean the magic word and Dean lied to Sam, I was definitely rolling my eyes.  But in the end, I’m glad that he and Sam talked it out in the car.  Still, I just think they are such babies!  Each of the Winchesters needs to start respecting the other.  Enough of this lying and hurt feelings and whatever.  I think they have been through enough and they should trust each other and be honest.  Wishful thinking, I guess.  The writers probably think this is DRAMA and whatnot.  At least they’re on good terms for now.

Meanwhile, Cas was there and he had a meeting with Gadreel about some stuff.  I think I zoned out/I don’t care.  The Winchesters interrogated an Angel on Metatron’s side and found out about some secret portal to heaven…*oooh*    Like, this will all come together, I’m sure.  The Winchesters will probably defeat Metatron, because duh.  And then we’ll finally be over all this crap.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Also, Crowley.   He’s still here, which is fine with me, because I like him.

Does anyone else notice how they sort of avoid mentioning God?  Like, will God show up at some point and aid in the smack down of Metatron?  I don’t know, seems weird to me.  Also, what was the point of Crowley’s son?  Maybe we’re gearing up for next year’s storyline?  Anyway, what did you think of the end of Abaddon?  Did you see it coming?  Did you even care anymore?  Will you miss her?  And any tips on helping me understand the point of this season would be great!  Leave it in the comments!

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