Supernatural 9×19 ‘Alex Annie Alexis Ann’ : “If you two are FBI, then I’m Taylor Swift”

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I mean, on one hand, I really liked this episode.  We have a monster-of-the-week with a recurring tertiary character, which generally adds up to fun.  I like seeing the Winchesters around someone with whom they are comfortable, because I think it shows some of their soft insides.  On the other hand, I really want to get to the bottom of the Abaddon-Metatron-Cas-Crowley-Angels-Heaven-Mark of Cain-Whatever story arc that has played over this season.  I feel like this season is super annoying to me because it feels really inconsistent.

So anyway, here we are with Jody Mills, who has found a vampire at her workplace.  Since she’s been trained by the Winchesters and is a pretty badass, independent woman, she delivers a fantastic beheading to that vampire before calling the Winchesters.  And then the story unfolds of a girl who was used as a lure and occasional meal for a nest of vampires she calls family.  The episodes follows as predictably as any monster-of-the-week episode : Winchesters sniff for clues, there are a couple of twists, everyone gets knocked out at least once, they gank all the bad guys.  (Or Jody does.)  It was, you know, classic Supernatural, cosy and comfortable.  There is absolutely no mention of Metatron, Cas, Abaddon, or Crowley.  Dean has one moment where he overpowers a vampire with sheer strength, which maybe is the Mark of Cain bit?  Not sure, but Sam calls him out on enjoying it too much.  And that’s it.  Episode wraps up all clean and neat.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

There’s really not much to talk about.  We’ve seen vampires before, so there’s nothing new there.  We know Jody, so we’re not meeting anyone new.  This episode was not bad but it just wasn’t exciting.  What is going on this season?  Either we have a massively convoluted story that makes very little sense and involves all kinda mythological characters from heaven and hell or we have boring, monster-of-the-week stuff.  Anyway, whatever.  Here’s what I was thinking during this episode : Ok, so Dean and Sam are knocked out at least once per episode, right?  They probably suffer multiple concussions, right?  But somehow, they just get up, dust themselves off, and go about life with no side effects?  I mean, why can’t they avoid getting beat up by these monsters just once?  They are supposed to be trained, right?

Anyway, whatever.  Do you have any thoughts?  Leave them in the comments!

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