Supernatural 9×18 : Meta Fiction : ‘We’re going on the Kill Metatron Tour.’

Source : The CW

Is anyone else annoyed at how The CW seems all lackadaisical about scheduling?  A week on, a couple weeks off, who cares but the viewers, right?  Also, I’m getting real tired of some weeks being about the Winchesters, some weeks about Abaddon, some weeks about Metatron.  Oh, this is a Metatron week, in case you have trouble following.

Sooooo…we’re on the Cas/Metatron/Angel story this week, and the major players are The Winchesters (duh), Gadreel, Cas, Metatron, and that Trickster who just happens to be an angel.  Dean is dealing with The Mark of Cain, which is a BIG DEAL…and we know this via long close ups of Serious Dean.  Metatron is…I don’t know what.  What is he trying to do?  Someone, please tell me?  Is he angling to be God?  Does he want heaven shut down?  If he wants heaven shut down, then WHY?

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Srsly though, WHY DOES HEAVEN NEED TO BE CLOSED?  Did I miss something?  Cas wants to stop Metatron (which, you know, good).  Also, Gadreel is bad…but Dean can’t make him talk.  We learn that Metatron may as well be God for all his powers and this entire episode was totally wasted on us learning NOTHING.  Plus, at the end, Cas and the Winchesters part ways, WHY?  It’s not as if Cas is hiding from anything anymore.  So why does he have to be apart from the Winchesters.

Color me completely confused.  Do you have any answers?  Please, leave them in the comments!!!

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