Supernatural 9×17 ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ : “When I kill, I kill for a reason.”

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So, this episode is all about the Abaddon (and somewhat Crowley) storyline, giving us some history.  But I think it’s also meant to be about the struggles and differences between the Winchester boys.  I also felt like there was a heavy dose of Dean Drama.  I think this episode was meant to carry weight and give us some idea of the difficulties ahead, but I felt underwhelmed by the whole thing. Ehh…maybe it’s me.

So, Dean and Sam are not getting along.  Mostly it’s because Dean has the Mark of Cain and he’s feeling ALL THE FEELINGS.  He’s got the weight of the world, in Biblical proportions, on his shoulders.  He lets Sam go monster chasing on his own, and Dean chills out in the bunker.  Mostly, Dean is spending a lot of time drinking extra heavily, trying to ignore Sam’s calls, and “researching,” with a little Crowley bonus in there.  I really felt like we could’ve done with fewer frames of Dean staring off into space…but maybe I wasn’t feeling it this week.  I guess we were supposed to get a feel for exactly what Dean needs to do and what he’s going through, but I was left wishing their were more to his storyline this week.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Meanwhile, Sam goes off on a hunch to find a town full of ordinary people who have gone a little bit mad.  Luckily, it was Sam who was out there, because his own experiences without a soul lead him to the right conclusion, these people had no souls!  Sam’s storyline is twofold; his own investigations into the town’s crazies and a story told by a former nun about how Abaddon came to be in her current body.

See, Abbadon has been around, I guess.  She was chilling out as a nun getting up to no good.  Then the Winchester’s great grandpa (right?) came around with his own nun sidekick, and that’s when things got interesting.  Abaddon wanted to know more about the Men of Letters and was going to possess Great Grandpa, but the nun who is Abbadon’s current meat sack begged her to spare him…because, you know, true love. (*barf*)  Abaddon happily obliged and found her place securely in a body of a Woman of Letters.  And that is the body we know now.

Meanwhile, Sam has figured out that the townsfolk are lacking souls, and he needs to hunt them down!  He heads to the now defunct convent where Abaddon first found her current body.  It turns out, she’s back home and collecting souls for an army of souls, I guess.  Sam manages to free the souls and then heads home to give Dean the news.  It’s all dire now, because they have to stop Abaddon for realsies because people need there souls, ok?!

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

In other news, where is Cas?  Did I miss him?  (I might have, I was kind of distracted.)  Also, did this episode do it for you?  Because I was just not feeling it.  Maybe it’s because they’ve been jumping around so much all season.  I feel like there are a million things happening and I just wish we could get a linear storyline for a few episodes.  Oh well, this does seem to be gearing up for something good!  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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