Supernatural 9×15 ‘#THINMAN’ : ” I just got punched right in the feels.”

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On one hand, this episode featured old friends, “The Ghostfacers”.  On the other hand, this episode wasn’t even really monster-of-the-week.  This episode deviated from the main story line, which annoys me, because I’m deeply into that story line.  This episode also deviated from every other episode (I think), in that nothing supernatural was to blame.

We spent most of this episode chasing down “Thinman,” a supernatural being who appears in photos just before he kills his victims.  Except, this monster wasn’t supernatural at all.  With Ghostfacers on the scene, we learn that Ed created Thinman in order to keep Harry hunting with him.  And therein is the parallel to the Winchesters’ own problems : Ed lied to Harry so he wouldn’t have to be alone, just like Dean continuously lies to Sam so he doesn’t have to be alone.  It was so obvious that this episode was meant to be somewhat allegorical, using Ed’s and Harry’s relationship to sort of mirror Sam’s and Dean’s.  *BARF*  But in the end, Thinman was a team of the town’s deputy and a disgruntled server.  The two men teamed up to kill some of the locals, and…ugh.  Actually, this episode was kind of like an episode of Scooby Doo.  Except, in the end, one of the Winchesters and one of the Ghostfacers were each responsible for killing one of the humans…and then no one seemed to care.  Dean walks off, certain that there are enough “bread crumbs” to show that the two killed each other.  The Ghostfacers ended up splitting up and Sam and Dean are still not cool.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

I found this episode to be super boring but also pretty disturbing.  The Ghostfacers aren’t really popular tertiary characters, so I’m not sure why the were brought back other than, the writers seem to like to do that.  The Ghostfacers are pretty boring and stupid and having them engage in a relationship snafu similar to the Winchesters was just thickly trite.  I found the episode disturbing because the Winchesters have moved on to killing humans without giving it a second thought?  This episode seemed to come from a show I have never watched before, it was lazy and obvious and just not that interesting.  I hope we never see another one like this.  Also, I’d like the Winchesters to grow up and move on from their stupid fight and I hope we never see them kill human monsters ever again.  What did you think?

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