Supernatural 9×12 ‘Sharp Teeth’ : “If you wanna work, let’s work.”

Source : The CW

What we have here is a one-off that stands mostly outside of the current story arc.  I was actually loving Dean with Crowley versus Sam with Castiel.  I thought it was cool that they were separate and handling two different chunks of the main story.  But we can’t have the Winchesters apart for two long.  Enter a one-off featuring Garth and a band of werewolves.

I mean, I don’t really have much to say.  This episode was good, definitely.  But the whole schtick of Dean and Sam fighting and then reuniting is getting tired.  So, they sort of fell together in this episode, over the missing Garth (who is never mentioned).  I mean, at least they got through the episode with minimal fighting, which is cool.  So Garth is now a werewolf and he’s found good werewolves…except for how some of them want to overthrow humans, and so Dean and Sam have to kill the bad ones.  At the end, Garth and the good werewolves remain standing, Sam and Dean sort of work out their issues, and they’re back on the road.  I’m sort of glad that Sam and Dean can distinguish good monsters from bad monsters.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Color me bummed, because now what will happen with Crowley (who is on the bottom of the ocean) and Castiel (who is conveniently absent for this episode)?  Remember the good old days when characters were always present and the plot was pretty clear?  Meh.  Hopefully we’ll get back to the good story next week.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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