Supernatural 10×3 ‘Soul Survivor’ : “What a load of crap it all is.”

Source : The CW

Soooooo…Cas and Crowley sort of work together, Cas and Sam definitely work together, and I guess we have Dean back from demonhood.  Or whatever.  This episode wraps up Sam’s pursuit of Dean and his desire to cure Dean.  It also puts out of mind Cas’s stolen grace…for a little while.  And Crowley?  Well, he’s around.

I mean, just, WHATEVER!  Dean becomes a demon because of the Mark of Cain but now we’re three episodes in and that is over?  UGGGGHHHH!!!  I wanted something more interesting than that.  Now we’re going to have to deal with Dean’s guilt or anger because Sam didn’t let him go or just all the angst crap this show does over and over and over.  I just don’t care!  I wanted something more interesting than this.  If Dean is no longer a demon then what will happen this season?  Will we have to watch Hannah force Cas to bargain with Metatron to restore his actual grace?  Will the Winchesters continue to play nice with Crowley or try to kill him?  Or maybe we’ll just get some monster-of-the-week classics.  I’m not sure.  I’m just kind of annoyed that Dean’s demonhood was taken away so early in the season…unless it comes back?

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Also, I guess there is a new redhead in town.  Apparently, she likes to pin doormen to the ceiling of her hotel room and let their blood drip all over everything.  I would be more excited about her arrival if I weren’t so disappointed about Dean losing his demon.  What could this gal be up to?  Not sure, but I’m definitely glad there’s more chick in the show.  What did you think of this underwhelming episode?  Were you more into it than I was?  Let me know in the comments!

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