Supernatural 10×06 ‘Ask Jeeves’ : “Real men don’t drink out of cups this small.”

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Another Monster-of-the-Week episode, but without much confusion, since they’ve encountered this type of monster before.  Based on the “then” section of the opening, I’m wondering if we’re going back to a lot of monster-of-the-week shows.  The “then” was all past monsters, including Calliope from last week.  This episode mentioned Bobby and The Mark of Cain but didn’t really go in depth, so I’m wondering if that’s foreshadowing.

So yeah, Dean is cleaning out Baby and finds Bobby’s old phone, full of messages, including one that marks Bobby as the beneficiary of some old lady’s will.  What does that mean?  ROAD TRIP!  By now, we already know there’s been a murder by someone who looks much like deceased old lady.  Soon, Sam and Dean find out there is a case.  From there, it’s pretty straight forward.  It’s a shape shifter whom they will dispatch via sliver as soon as they figure out the shape shifter tricked them into using stainless steel instead of real silver.  They figure it out, Dean kills the shape shifter real dead.  In the meantime, there’s some funny bits with Sam and the rich lady relatives who want the old lady’s estate.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

I mean, this episode was fine.  It was mildly amusing and that’s about it.  I liked the man-hungry ladies and Sam’s discomfort.  There wasn’t much for Dean this episode.  I knew from the start that little, blonde maid was the Big Bad, so this episode didn’t really surprise or intrigue me.  I guess Sam is maybe worried about The Mark of Cain, which still resides on Dean.  But they’re so agreeable right now, and I don’t want it to end.  No sign of Heaven or Hell in this episode, so I don’t know what’s going on there.  If this were season two, I’d be tickled with this episode…since it’s season six, it feels a little underwhelming.  I think I just need to take the fun old times at face value.  What did you think of this episode?  Let me know in the comments!

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