Supernatural 10×05 ‘Fan Fiction’ : “Where is the truth in Supernatural?”

Source : The CW

What we have here is a glorious meta episode.  I love these.  It is also, of course, a monster-of-the-week episode too.  This one is all Winchesters with a cameo by Carver Edlund at the very end.

There isn’t really much to review, really.  An all girls school is putting on Supernatural : the Musical.  This draws the attention of Calliope, a Greek goddess who protects her muse by kidnapping anyone who gets in her way and then devouring the author of whatever work is happening.  A teacher goes missing, and the Winchesters show up to find their lives are on display, yet again.  This episode was funny and included a lot of inside jokes for Supernatural fans.  There’s some subtext that the Winchesters need to stop being so melodramatic and get over their drama, but it’s just barely there.  This is just a fun, upbeat episode with lots of laughs and a pretty easy ending!  Did you like it?

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

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