Supernatural 10×04 ‘Paper Moon’ : “I need to work.”

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Here we are, Dean is no longer a demon and Sam and he are ready to work.  No Crowley, no Castiel, just the Winchesters and some girl named, Kate, who is a werewolf.  It’s almost a classic Monster-of-the-Week episode.  Except this brings back an old character and has a little bit less hunting than most.  But I did love the bit where Sam and Dean were dressed up as…some sort of Wildlife Officers?  I couldn’t tell exactly, but they had fancy shirts!

There’s not a whole lot to say.  Dean is definitely no longer a demon, but still has the Mark of Cain, which we’re sort of ignoring for now.  Dean is trying to take it easy, but he needs to hunt.  So they go find some werewolf business only to find out that a werewolf they let go has turned her sister who is going off the rails.  Sam and Dean have some classic dealing with issues while driving, but this time, no yelling at all and just far less angst than we’re used to.  In the end, Dean and Sam don’t even have to kill the bad sister, since the good sister handled that business.  Everything seems really hunky dory.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

I mean, I’m super happy that Sam and Dean seemed to have matured a bit.  The constant bickering and controlling and lying was bringing me down.  This time, the Winchesters seemed to handle their business well.  Although, they don’t really have all the solutions.  For a minute, they were definitely lying to Kate who appears to be some sort of ally from the past.  (I don’t remember her or her episode, though I know I saw it.)  Even their dealings with her go mostly maturely, except for the minute when they lie about a cure.  In the end, they didn’t have to fully betray Kate, because she definitely handled her business and killed her own sister.  This left the Winchesters to more talking in the car, and Dean’s final thought that he’s trying to do the right thing because he’s sick and tired of doing the wrong thing.

This episode seemed a little lost.  Dean and Sam are back on the side of “good”.  There was no angel or demon drama or politics.  They weren’t fighting each other, but they didn’t seem at peace either.  Are we going to see them start to mature and come out as more open and honest people?  I would like that, but I wonder if it would be boring.  Also, super glad they finally addressed Jared Padalecki’s elbow injury!  Anyway, what did you think?  Did this episode bore you? Are you a fan of Kate?  Let me know in the comments!

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