Supernatural 10×01 ‘Black’ : “WHERE IS MY BROTHER?!”

Source : The CW

Aaaannnndddd, we’re back!  That gang’s all here; Cas, Crowley, Sam and Dean.  Apparently, Dean is a demon…or is he?  Either way, he and Crowley appear to be besties.  Sam is searching for Dean.  Cas is handling residual angel crap.  The stage is set for some drama among the current core cast, until someone new enters the scene.

We open and Sam is just completely messing up a demon, trying to find out where Dean is.  Dean is hanging out with Crowley, appearing to have the time of his life.  And Cas is off with some angle chick doing…whatever.  I mean, I only slightly care that Cas’s stolen grace is slowly draining from him, taking his life as it goes.  Otherwise, I am so over angel politics.  So whatever.  Through good ol’ Winchester detective work, Sam gets in touch with Crowley and figures out where Dean is…sort of.  Crowley let Sam figure it out, because I guess, I’m not sure why.  Sam is on his way to reconnect with Dean and then there is a new guy who abducts Sam.  New guy calls Dean who couldn’t care less.  And that is the recap.  Now for my thoughts on the situation :

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Castiel : I’m so tired of him being out in is own world doing angel things.  There haven’t really been any compelling angel story lines.  There have been a few angels I somewhat enjoyed, but all this angel crap has been dragging on too long.  I don’t want Cas to die, I guess, because Misha Collins is cool, but I just want Cas to go back to helping the Winchesters and this angel stuff to end already.

Crowley : Is trying to get Dean help him design a perfect hell?  Umm…wtf?  What is he smoking?  I’m interested to see where this will go.

Dean : Is he a demon or is he just struggling with his own, personal demons?  I like this Dean.  Aside from him beating the crap out of a human, that is.  I like him off on his own, struggling with his own crap.  I like him and Crowley as besties.  But I also get the feeling that Dean is leading Crowley on.

Sam : UGH!  UGH!  UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!  This whole storyline of one brother searching for the other in this desperate, controlling way…we have been there, done that times about a hundred million!  I was super afraid that would be the main story line , but then he was abducted, so color me happy about that.

New Guy : Oooohhhh….so excited about this guy and whatever his deal is.  Will he be a tertiary character with a storyline that lasts half a season or the whole season or will he be here for a while?  I don’t know, but I’m game.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

So how do you feel about all this?  Are you tired of the brothers constantly searching for each other and trying to control each other and make each other do whatever is right?  Do you think Dean is really working with Crowley or has his own motives?  Are you into the angel storyline or not?  Do you have any ideas what is up with New Guy?  Let me know in the comments!

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