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Super Fun Night 1×17 ‘…Till the Fat Lady Sings’: Season Finale and Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to the season finale of Super Fun Night! I am sad and also happy because even though this show is not that great (more on this later), but  I have to say I really did enjoy writing these recaps. Let’s get started!

So Kimmy is still in a tizzy about Richard kissing her. They try to dismiss it saying that the kiss did not mean anything and that they were just friends, but Kimmy is starting to re-develop her feelings about Richard. Kendall tells Kimmy not to tell James, which Kimmy agreed on, but then Kimmy breaks her own promise and tells James.

James is completely shocked and sad and he doesn’t know how to process the information. Kimmy tries to make it better by saying “but I am with you now” (which honestly does not make anything better it only continues to show that you have feelings for someone regardless the relationship).  After Kimmy’s tired excuses, James leaves and breaks up with Kimmy.

Helen Alice and Marika tried to reason with James, but it seems that nothing was resolved when Marika goes on and on relating her love life to Red Delicious apples.

In continuation, Marika and Frankie are hitting it off, with some tennis practice (was that a pun?), but Marika hasn’t told anyone about her lesbianism and her girlfriend so she tells Helen Alice that Frankie is just a “client”. In a moment of defiance against her own self-doubt, she tells HA and Kimmy that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. They aren’t really surprised, Kimmy mentions that she has a “resemblance to Jodie Foster”. Frankie comes over and is happy that Marika told the truth.

With Helen Alice, in her sort of wrap up story, she decides to have sex with Benji no matter if he is allergic or not, and she does which results him breaking out in hives and being carried off by the ambulance. Go girl?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Meanwhile, with Richard, he still has feelings for Kimmy (even though they never really dived upon besides the awkward scene(s) they have together), however his father is in town to talk about the new promotion in which the firm has acquired another firm in Berlin. Richard’s father is not the nicest man, and with a Kimmy push, Richard stands up to his father. because of that act of defiance, he receives the promotion. Kendall is furious because she wanted that promotion, and almost resigns but Richard’s father tells her that he is making her a partner, and she gladly retracts the statement.

Back to Kimmy, she tries to decide which guy she really wants. And after chasing down Richard at the airport before his flight, she fails to tell him her feelings which just leaves an awkward hug and regrets. However, that same day, Kimmy goes back to James apartment and says that she really likes him and made a mistake and she wants to be with him. And yes, because James is such a sweet man he takes her back, and it all ends in a hug.

However, the finale ends beautifully with a rendition of “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen (“Don’t Stop Me Now” is the show’s theme song). It’s beautiful and showcases Rebel’s and others’ voices. I actually think her end-of-episode songs are quite beautiful and show Rebel’s range.

But, the season is over and I have no idea if this show will be renewed or not. However, I will say I would give this season a B- overall. There were some good moments: I always enjoyed Kimmy’s romantic escapades and her roommates. There were some bad: Kendall and Richard together, Kimmy’s family. But overall, it seemed that it had heart and hopefully with some changes it could become a better sitcom.

What was your favorite part of Super Fun Night? What grade would you give the season? Let me know!

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