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Super Fun Night 1×16 ‘Lesbihonest’: Low cut, high cut, price cut

Source: ABC

The clichéd holiday episode is back with Valentine’s Day but in truth, the whole episode did NOT go as planned in my head and now I am definitely excited to see how all these story-lines turn out.

Kimmy and her boyfriend James are planning a romantic date at the restaurant James works in. Now Richard looks on in jealousy after James surprises Kimmy and gives her flowers and chocolates which she prances around the office. Kimmy, telling Kendall about how she wants a romantic “late night” with James, gets whisk away to a sexy lingerie shop instead of Kimmy’s initial idea of doing Phantom of the Opera (Rebel’s singing voice is stronger than I thought).

Kendall also helps out Kimmy by letting her roommates come over to her house for a “single ladies night” which involves into heavy drinking and sex toys (shout out to my favorite person Catherine Reitman who was guest starring, I love this girl).

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

During a game of “Never Have I Ever” Marika (who is flirting with Frankie) reveals that she has never kissed a girl, which surprises everyone because I guess everyone thinks she is a lesbian except for her? When Kendall realizes this repression, she gives Marika her “first kiss” and soon Marika realizes that she’s been missing out and heads to the bar Frankie told her about and kisses her, telling her she has been waiting for 28 years. I didn’t really like how they handled this story-line (was confusing and never addressed until a couple of episodes, always have the more masculine girl become the lesbian) but at least it made it out okay.

Meanwhile, Kimmy and James are trying to have a perfect dinner, but because the restaurant is so crowded, James has to go back to work for a bit which then turns into several hours. Kimmy understands and upon her leaving she says “I love you” which she realized was a big mistake, and now thinking that James is avoiding her and doing work because of that. She decides to go back to work, where Richard is in the office and cries. Richard then tries to cheer her up by kissing her, and Kimmy is shocked and leaves quickly. This only ends when Kimmy reaches her house and Richard tells Kimmy how he truly feels about her and kisses her. Only then does Kimmy get a text message from James that says, “I Love you too” UH OH.

I understand that Richard had a thing for Kimmy, but it almost seem to out of nowhere because they were building it up so oddly (and with the switched episodes, it seemed disjointed).  However, now Kimmy is stuck in a love triangle and she doesn’t know what to do (Especially since her first feelings about Richard were so obvious).

What should Kimmy do guys?  Team Richard or Team James? Will Marika find love with Frankie? Let me know!

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