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Super Fun Night 1×15 ‘Cookie Prom’: Pretty sweet if you ask me

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So I had an above level of reaction to Cookie Prom I thought it was a sweet (all puns intended) even though this kind of storyline has been recycled before, but I thought it definitely related within the characters and who these characters are.

Kimmy, Marika, and Helen-Alice are planning their 10th anniversary of their Cookie Prom, which was because at their real prom they had a sucky time and so Cookie Prom became the substitute (mostly to eat their feelings).

However, with Kimmy being late to work, the boss (guest starring Bob Saget) told her that she needs to grow up and be more sophisticated if she wants to be promoted. Kimmy decides to become more serious and puts on glasses, speaks in a higher pitched voice, and be called Kimberly, now void of all silly behaviors. Kimmy’s solution to her “immaturity” is completely Kimmy because it is so childish and kiddy. It’s also interesting that for her to be mature she has to become this “classy, feminine lady” and reject her “masculine” femininity which doesn’t seem to correlate to maturity at all.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Her friends are not liking this new Kimmy. During Cookie Prom, Kimmy is crowned Cookie Prom Queen, but Kimmy refuses, trying to be more adult. When Kendall walks in on them (thinking that it was a cocktail party) and all the delicious cookies, she makes fun of them, which Kimmy tries to hide the party as “ironic”. “It’s no big D” Kimmy says which Helen Alice replies (with the funniest line of the night) “Oh it’s a big D, the biggest D I have ever had in my life!”

They get into a big argument which results cookie throwing, Helen Alice tells Kimmy she looks fat in the dress and hits her in the eye with the cookie crown. This results into a trip to the hospital. Helen-Alice apologizes and Kimmy stops trying to impress people because she is who she is (aww.)

The scene that puts the icing on cake (not a cookie reference but I am putting it in here)  is when two girls are at the hospital because of a Homecoming  disaster ( a bunch of jerks were mean to them) and  Kimmy and troop decide to help them. In the last shot they are firing away with Marika’s beta cookie dough gun at the boys that. “We are from the future,” Kimmie says eye-patch and all.

Overall, decent episode with some sugary (okay, I’ll stop) moments. So what do you think? Do you think Kimmy can really be mature? Will you have a cookie prom? Let me know!


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