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Suits 4×02 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Round One

Credit: USA Network

After Rachel’s bombshell last week that she used to sleep with the man she’s now working with on a case, Mike’s having trouble sleeping. Which is completely understandable really, since they started having a relationship while he was in a relationship, so she’s obviously not completely against cheating in relationships. As much as he protests that he doesn’t mind, he’s got to be feeling additional pressure because of it. But he’s got his mind on other things, namely his libido (and of course the feud with Harvey). After some really bad innuendo and a ‘fade to black’ scene, the couple get on with their days.

Credit: USA Network

Credit: USA Network

Rachel is wondering how to tell Harvey about her old flame when said flame wanders into the office (looking as dreamy as ever). With a handy flashback we get the idea that what the two of them had was more than a fling, which just spells out more trouble for Mike. At the moment, though, Mike seems as pleased as punch to take Harvey to court to stop him from filing his tender, and succeeds, winning himself 60 days’ time before Harvey’s next move. This comes as a bit of a shock to Harvey, it seems. Perhaps he underestimated him former protégé. I know I certainly did, that scene between Harvey, Mike and Logan was incredible! Tense, double-edged (at some points it was obvious they were clashing over Rachel) and dramatic. I loved it. The fact that the writers chose to make Logan and Mike hit it off in the bathroom in the scene immediately before it was clever, and meant that neither of them came off as petty or unlikeable.

The pressure’s still mounting from all sides for both Harvey and Mike, and it can only end badly. But I am going to enjoy every second of watching them deal with it.

Credit: USA Network

Credit: USA Network

Louis is getting more and more invested in becoming a named partner, but with the arrival of new senior partner Jeff Malone (who was revealed last week to be Jessica’s lover). He’s understandably disappointed, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his little hallucinations of Jessica calling him a loser. Bless him. His desperation means he’s going to get creative, as is his habit, and he and Jeff come together for a meeting to tease information out of a client… Before having a shouting match later on. Ouch. Donna saves the day for him, though, by convincing Jessica to give him the corner office, and therefore his dignity. Awww.

Jessica and Jeff are as flirtatious as ever, but Jessica’s standing firm on her decision to end their relationship. He’s not as keen to give up on it, which, considering how awesome Jessica is, is fair enough. She’s independent, beautiful, competitive and driven. I would love to grow up to be Jessica Pearson. Even Harvey’s scared of her, even though he won’t admit it. I love it.


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