Stalker 1×20 ‘Love Kills’ : Curse you, cliffhangers!

Beth’s last words in the finale were “I don’t know where this is going, but I’d like it to continue.” Sorry Beth, we can’t always get what we want. Even if the show did leave us with a permanent cliffhanger that some of us would’ve liked to see resolved.

I hate season finales that become series finales. Nothing good ever comes from them. In this case, we’re left with Vickie about to get shot by her murderer ex-husband, while Jack and Beth get hot and heavy in her apartment. Our two TAU regulars clearly got the better deal there, and though we’ll never see Jack and Beth go any further in their relationship, I suppose we can live vicariously through Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q, who were engaged last I checked. Unless and until they break it off, which seems to happen a lot with whirlwind romances that began on set. If or win that happens, Jack/Beth shippers will be totally out of luck.

As far as development, their relationship was the most interesting in the finale. Look at the pilot, when Beth wanted nothing to do with Jack, and questioned his usefulness at every turn. Here, she’s smiling every time she sees him, they share jokes, it’s a very different place from where they started. Unfortunately, it’s also where they’re going to end, despite Beth’s hopes to the contrary.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Here’s the thing. I like Mira Sorvino. I like the Vickie character. Both never had a chance. Bringing in a new actress just a few episodes before the end of the season would’ve been okay if the show’s future was assured. As it is, Vickie showed up, disappeared for months with the rest of the show, then had this husband storyline shoehorned into the last episodes of the series. Which is annoying, because Mira Sorvino can act, and it would’ve been interesting to see her get an expanded role in season two. Since I knew going in that this wasn’t going to happen, it was extremely difficult to care about any of her scenes. The same can be said for the entire episode, really, but at least with the other characters I was more invested in seeing where they ended up.

Basically, Mira jumped on a train that was already going over the cliff by the time she arrived. So again, never had a chance.

Ben returns after being laid up in the hospital for weeks. Should’ve stayed there, guy. There really wasn’t a point to you getting out of bed just to hang around for one last episode.

Like I said last week, I would’ve preferred another season of Stalker, but I’m not going to be crying to the unmerciful TV gods because I didn’t get it. What about you guys, anyone extra sad to see the TAU closing for good?

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