Stalker 1×19 ‘Love Hurts’ : Beginning of the End

Well guys, the axe has come down, and Stalker is officially cancelled. Not exactly a surprise, given the two month hiatus and move to another timeslot. Is anyone upset? Me, not particularly.

First off, let me apologize for missing the last new episode. I wasn’t aware that the timeslot had changed, and by the time I realized my mistake, the episode was old news. And honestly, I’d semi-forgotten about the show after such a long break, as I expect many people did. Obviously Stalker hasn’t been able to hold it’s audience.

This week’s show sets up several new storylines. A serial killer who stalks his victims beforehand, Beth possibly leaving L.A, more information about Vickie. Problem is, it’s very hard to care about any of it, knowing it won’t lead anywhere.

The case of the week was a very typical case of the week. Woman being stalked, multiple suspects, lather rinse and repeat. The only thing that stood out for me personally was David Anders playing Darren, and that was just because I’m a fan of his other work. His character in the episode, his motivation? Mentally ill guy goes off his meds, does some bad things. Again, nothing super interesting.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Jack and Beth shippers finally see some real progress in that relationship. Too bad they won’t be seeing much more. Beth’s struggle to figure out who she is now that everyone knows her as Michelle was the most compelling part of the episode. Unfortunately, it only got about five minutes of screen time,

Really though. Is anyone upset that Stalker is in it’s death throes? I probably would’ve kept watching if given the chance, but that’s about all I can say, It isn’t a bad show by any means, I still think the opening scene of the pilot was incredibly freaky and compelling. Some of the plot twists were genuine twists. But it never moved on to become more than a decent cop procedural. I enjoyed watching it most nights, but there was never a level of huge excitement, never “Stalker is on tonight, I’ve been waiting all week, this is going to be great!”

And with all the shows that really are great taking up space in people’s DVRs, a program that’s just on the good side of okay simply isn’t going to cut it,

So, let’s begin our final goodbyes to the TAU team, ride out the last episode together, and wait to see what formulaic cop procedural CBS replaces it with,

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