Scream Queens 1×09 ‘Ghost Stories’: Let’s catch a killer! (Finally!)


I enjoyed this week’s episode of Scream Queens, mainly because the show threw us a twist: people started (mostly) using their common sense. Dean Munsch finally realized that she needed to help catch the Red Devil killers, Grace refused to go anywhere near the incredibly creepy Wes or Gigi, and everyone was about to leave the Kappa house. Of course, this is Scream Queens, so it was still full of stupidly fun moments: Denise decided to tell ghost stories instead of flee Kappa, Chad and Chanel #3 genuinely thought Boone was a ghost, and Hester faked a pregnancy to force Chad to love her. Still, considering the previous episodes had everyone squabbling and unable to make any decisions whatsoever, this is progress for Kappa. Very, very slow progress.

I enjoyed Dean Munsch deciding to help Kappa house, mainly because every time Jamie Lee Curtis is on screen she’s hilarious. Her offer of information, along with chewing out the incompetent Detective Chisholm, was great. She also dropped some needed info: there were two babies in the bathtub, not just one. Those same two babies that are working with Gigi to get revenge on Kappa.

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

It’s not a surprise that the killers are the bathtub babies, it’s not even a surprise that there are two of them (especially with that picture of Gigi and the babies two episodes ago). What is a surprise is that Grace might actually be getting close to discovering their identities. She already knows Boone is a killer, there’s a female Red Devil killer, and suspects that Gigi is in league with them (and has a few screws loose). I don’t want to jinx it, but we might actually start seeing the Kappas figure this crime out.

The entire series has been filled with declarations about finding the killer, or making sure no more Kappas get killed. But the episodes rarely follow up on these statements. We’ve either got Chanel, who just wants to blame Grace and Zayday for her own selfish reasons, or Hester waving around pink nunchucks that are never seen again. It’s hard to root for the Kappas when they never seem to take the killer seriously. The best thing about “Ghost Stories” was that we finally got to see the Kappas (well, at least some of the Kappas) actually want to find the killer. Now that Boone’s dead and Dean Munsch is finally spilling information, this show is finally making some progress.

Notes and Observations

  • Kill Count: 3. Poor Earl Gray, poor truck driver, and not-so poor Boone. I’m not including Hester because there’s some speculation that she’s not actually dead.
  • Who’s the Killer(s)?: The unknown Red Devil killer is definitely a girl, and we can cross out Chanel #3, as she wouldn’t have been spooked at Boone’s “ghostly” reappearance if she had been a killer.
  • Chad is incredibly causal about the fact that his house is haunted. “Like, the furniture will just start screaming…”
  • Grace would rather stay on the campus and be a prime target for the Red Devil than spend Thanksgiving with her dad and Gigi. Considering how creepy Wes and Gigi are, that’s actually not too unbelievable.
  • “I am Ghost Boone, but you can just call me Boone.”
  • “Boone is very handsome, but police request that you not approach him, as he may be dangerous. He also may or may not be gay.”
  • Chad’s minor: Packing Sciences, with a concentration in Luggage Theory.

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