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Scream Queens 3×04 ‘Halloween Blues’: The holiday of death


It’s no surprise that Scream Queens makes a big deal out of Halloween episodes. Of course a murder mystery show would enjoy a holiday that celebrates things going bump in the night and terrifying people. The fact that the Halloween episode comes right after the first major murder of the season is just icing on the pumpkin cake.

The previous murder victims have all been minor characters – ones the audience knew were destined to get killed off before the episode was over. But Chad Radwell was a well-liked character that survived the whole first season, so his death stings more. However, it also helped to add new stories for the remaining characters. Dean Munsch got all of his enormous fortune to help the C.U.R.E. Institute, and Denise Hemphill became consumed with catching the killer to avenge her lover.

In a nightmare version of Cinderella, Denise agrees to let Hester out for Halloween. When the clock strikes midnight, Hester will them know who the killer is. So no one will see her before then, Denise gives her a Jason costume and an ax. Yep, she gives a serial killer a real ax. Maybe it really shouldn’t be such of a surprise that Denise ends up biting the dust by the end of the episode.

Still, it’s another stinging loss for the show. Just like Chad Rawell, Denise was one of the best characters. Niecy Nash was a comedic powerhouse in the role, and ended up elevating every episode she was in. The clueless but determined way she played Denise made her a force for good, just not a very competent force.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

It seems Scream Queens might be getting more serious in killing off main characters this season. The previous season had a bad habit of killing off only minor characters that were marked for death from the start, to the point where Dean Munsch called them cannon fodder. The two surprise main character killings of the first season were Gigi and Pete, who both died relatively late in the season. The fact that Denise and Chad were both killed early in the season means that the show might start killing off more main characters, heightening the suspense. While it’s a shame such talented comedic actors had to go, the horror genre lives and dies on suspense. If Scream Queens wants to keep its audience on the edge of their seats, then the body count is going to have to keep rising.

Notes and Observations

  • So, who thinks Chanel #5 is going to live? She’s escaped death so many times, it wouldn’t surprise me if she somehow manages to recover from being stabbed in the back.
  • I have to admit, I loved Dean Munsch’s Hamilton costume. The fact that a bunch of partygoers also had the same idea for a costume is also great.
  • I really don’t enjoy the episode pausing so that Chanel could send her fans bile and organs. It felt like it stopped the episode’s momentum.
  • Dean Munsch looks like she’s ready to beat her head against a wall every single time she has to listen to Chanel’s whining. You have my sympathy, Dean.
  • “Now, at the stroke of midnight, after I’ve had few cocktails, danced a little bit, and made out with a couple guys, you will tell us who the killer is.” Denise Hemphill, who had all her priorities in order. R.I.P. Denise, we will miss you.

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