Scream Queens 2×06 ‘Blood Drive’: Villains Unite


Last week I was worried that by introducing several tertiary characters as cannon fodder, Scream Queens would slow the plot down. But this week’s episode was hilarious and informative, allowing the plot to advance several steps ahead by revealing who was the Green Meanie. Or at least who was one of the Green Meanies.

The reveal that there is more than one Green Meanie in the hospital is a great idea. It allows the audience to feel like the show is making progress, but it allows the show to keep some of its secrets. There’s still the huge question of who the extra Green Meanie is, and why they’re killing patients.

As the episode progresses, it lets the villains of the show get more screen time. Hoffel and Cassidy are more interesting here than they have been in the previous episodes, with Hoffel in particular getting some great moments. Not only do we find out she’s the sister of poor dead Mrs. Bean (killed in the first season by deep frier), we find out that her sister’s death has motivated her to get revenge on the Chanels. Hoffel’s attempts to kill the Chanels are hilariously ruined by the girls’ sheer selfishness, making the poor woman seem almost sympathetic. Her outraged stammers as Chanel decides not to go to Blood Island (a plan that Hoffel carefully orchestrated and maxed out all her credit cards for) because she won’t fly below first class is sadly hilarious.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

But the person having by far the most fun is Lea Michele. In the first season Michele played Hester as an uptight minion to Chanel, making the most of Hester’s slavish loyalty and death fixation. Now that Hester’s been revealed to be a deranged serial killer, Michele pushes her character even deeper into insanity. Rather than have Hester simply lurk around the hospital, the writers elect to incorporate Hester into saving patients. It gives Michele a chance to show off her comedic and menacing side, and makes Hester an odd ally and yet still a villain. It’s a good choice, as it allows a strong comedic player to get more screen time then she would as just a villain.

The only villain who hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time so far is Cassidy. We know he’s the baby in the belly, and is attempting to close down the hospital. We also know he isn’t that great at it, as pointed out by Nurse Hoffel. However, there’s only so much story that ‘Blood Drive’ can hold, and considering we’ve got half a season left to go, I’m not worried. Hopefully we’ll get more on Cassidy’s backstory soon, and it’ll cause him to be just as hilarious and horrifying as Hoffel and Hester.

Notes and Observations

  • Hoffel’s pretty sure her first husband died of cancer. “We weren’t close.”
  • Even though she treats Chanel #5 better than anyone else, Zayday still leaves poor #5 woozy from donating too much blood.
  • “Okay, you guys have clearly never been hunted by a serial killer before.”
  • The name label on one of the blood bags is #1, Chanel.
  • I love how everyone’s just started dumping everything in the swamp. (“You know, at this point, this swamp’s gonna be like, 90% dead bodies.”)

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