Scream Queens 2×05 ‘Chanel Pour Homme-icide’: The cannon fodder has arrived


When we last left the C.U.R.E. Institute several weeks ago, the doctors/nurses/assorted personnel had just suffered a huge shock. Poor Special Agent Denise Hemphill had been murdered, with Chanel #5 critically hurt. The show had been building up steam with deaths of important characters like Chad Radwell, Denise Hemphill and the plot was moving along quickly. However, this episode laid on the breaks.

The show unfortunately slowed down as Chanel and Dean Munsch decided to recruit several more Chanels, hoping the Green Meanie would take these poor people as bait and leave our main characters alone. These characters are simply cannon fodder. These characters can get killed off by the Green Meanie without impacting the story. However, it’s actually really disappointing to see the new Chanels.

Prior to the arrival of all the new Chanels, the show was moving at a pretty fast pace. This led to actual suspense mixed in with the humor, as important characters were actually being killed off. A huge problem last season was that barely anyone of importance got killed off, and then only at the end. Thanks to the arrival of the new Chanels, it’s possible this season might wait to kill off any more important characters, and thus decrease the suspense.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Not only was the Green Meanie plot slowed down, but several of the other plots were slow as well. Holt, Cassidy and Chanel #3 were all busy trying to solve the case of the week: a woman who changed accents when speaking, without even noticing it. While it was a fun case that let the actors play around with changing accents every minute, it didn’t advance the plot.

The big plot advancement of the episode is the reveal that Cassidy is the child of the man who died in the hospital years ago. It’s an okay reveal, made less stunning by the fact that the same “child of deceased character might be plotting revenge” reveal happened last season as well. The plot can’t be just a retread of last’s season plot, or else it’ll get old very quickly.

While this episode of Scream Queens was a little slow, the show is still on a roll this season. If they can keep up the suspense and throw a few more twists into the show, it’ll continue to be a good season.

Notes and Observations

  • At this point I want Chanel #5 to live just because she deserves a win after everyone treats her horribly. (Although I did laugh at how Chanel #1 can sense when #5 is unhappy).
  • Poor Zayday seems to the only true adult on the show.
  • The cyro-chamber where Dean Munsch is storing Denise’s body is just the right amount of weird. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Denise again, as something is bound to go wrong with the chamber during the season.
  • Nurse Hoffel might be….well, awful, but she’s right. The Chanels shouldn’t be anywhere near a hospital. I really hope we get the real reason soon on why Dean Munsch decided to employ them.
  • When Dean Munsch mentioned she was bringing more cannon fodder in I thought for a second Grace was going to walk through the door. They have been killing off a lot of people from the first season.

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