Scream Queens 2×03 ‘Handidate’: A wedding and a funeral


Even on shows that aren’t in the horror genre, weddings can become a huge issue. People object at the last moment, family members cause problems, you say the wrong person’s name at the alter… The list could go on and on. But in a show called Scream Queens, having a wedding is just asking for trouble.

Of course, I don’t think anyone expected the wedding to go well, but to have it end with the murder of Chad Radwell is particularly sad. Glen Powell made Chad into one of the show’s strongest characters; he was capable of delivering the oddest lines and making them seem like they fit right into Chad’s out-of-touch, privileged worldview. Heck, he even halfway sold me that deep down, Chad really did have some feelings for Chanel. Chad’s death means that Scream Queens is losing one of its strongest comedic players early on in the season.

But if Chad and Chanel’s love is dead, then at least Chanel #3 and Cassidy’s romance is alive. Well, in a manner of speaking. Cassidy revealed that he believes himself to be dead, and is trying to figure out why he’s still on earth. He thinks that by teaching Chanel #3 how to really live and enjoy life, he will fulfill his purpose on earth. It’s an unexpectedly cute storyline, a combination of cheesy romance movies, zombie plots, and of course, Twilight (minus the stalking).

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Holt’s storyline is a lot less cute, as he continues to be creepily obsessed with Chanel and hate Chad. Chanel and Chad are by no means a perfect couple, but their warped worldviews are similar enough for it to make sense why they would be drawn to one another. Holt’s by no means a genius, but he seems too serious to really relate to or like Chanel (although that’s not saying much). I’m hoping that the show doesn’t send Chanel into Holt’s arms now that Chad is dead. I like him much better as an adversary than as a love interest in the show.

For now, one of the main adversaries the hospital faces is Hester. Lea Michele seems to be having a ball as the unstable Hester, who is playing her own private game with everybody. Although she’s either behind glass walls or in straightjackets, Michele gives one of the most energetic performances in the show. Last season she had a manic energy as one of Chanel’s minions, and this season she amps it up even more as she embraces her sinister roots. Now that she’s in the hospital basement, I’m looking forward to seeing Hester more each episode. After all, with two serial killers in the hospital, things can only get worse for our heroes (and better for the audience) from here.

Notes and Observations

  • “First, we’ll do a little detective work on our own…” Oh right, cause that’s always worked out so well in the past.
  • “And I am not some little girl anymore who can be easily seduced by whichever man who comes along and has the most money or who is the most rich.” Well, at least we know were Chanel’s priorities lie.
  • “I will go get my ax.” “A Chad Radwell guy said he was practicing for surgery, but mainly he was just chopping off hands and saying the F-word a lot.” I will miss you Chad Radwell.
  • I love how Chanel just keeps accusing Chanel #5 of being the killer, hoping that eventually one day the accusation will stick.
  • I wonder since Chad came back for a few episodes, will other characters come back as well? I could see Grace showing up to visit Zayday, and we never really heard about what happened with Dean Munsch and Wes.

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