Scream Queens 2×01 ‘Scream Again’: Welcome back Chanels


How do you review a show like Scream Queens?

When reviewing a show, I like to go over the plot, the characterization, the direction the show could go in the future. But Scream Queens isn’t like any of the shows on TV this fall – plot and characterization are secondary to the utter madness happening on screen. To suggest that this hurts the show, however, is wrong. Chaos and unreality have become Scream Queens’ calling cards.

Last season had a straightforward plot in the midst of all the chaos: a person or persons were committing murders in order to get revenge on the people that wronged them. It was a believable horror plot, one that’s been used in the horror genre for years. While the show was mostly fun and funny, it did attempt to take itself seriously at the beginning. Plucky young heroine Grace and her reporter love interest attempted to take down the killers – in fact they were the only ones who seemed genuinely interested in catching the killers.

But the show started focusing more on the ridiculous antics of the sorority sisters and the insane college dean, making Grace’s journey seem less interesting by comparison. By the finale, when Grace had actually figured out who the killer was, she was promptly ignored by everyone else. It was a joke, but also a way to explain that the show had figured out what worked, and it wasn’t a straight forward horror plot.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

This season Scream Queens has embraced its comedy side, taking on all the elements of a cheesy B-horror movie. It fits the show perfectly, allowing the actors to chew the scenery and ham it up as much as they want. It’s fun to watch these actors obviously enjoying themselves. The highlight of the show is Jamie Lee Curtis, who seems thrilled to once again be playing the bonkers Dean Munsch, oh excuse me, Dr. Dean Munsch (she got the title by giving a college commencement speech).

Munsch has decided she wants to open a hospital to cure incurable diseases because why not? Nobody even bothers giving reasonable explanations for their behavior anymore – the writers have decided they want something to happen, so it happens. Anyway, the hospital’s just an excuse to get all the characters in the same place, so the show can get the whole bloody, chaotic season started.

This season’s stories are wildly more bizarre than last year’s simple “Who’s the killer?”, with the show embracing its comedy roots. We’ve got Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos) trying to control his supernatural hand, Kirstie Alley’s Nurse Hoffel nursing a grudge against the Chanels, and Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner) hiding a secret. And then there’s the masked serial killer of the season, the Green Meanie. (Whoever is choosing these names deserves an award.)

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Honestly, I’m not sure how you review a show like Scream Queens. Last season I tried to review it like I would a normal show, but it became harder and harder to do so. There’s no logic, no reason, no rationality whatsoever. Maybe the best thing to do is just buckle up, enjoy the ride, and embrace the madness. That’s what I’m going to do. I hope you join me.

Notes and Observations

  • Hey everybody! I’m Megan, your reviewer for season 2 of Scream Queens. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. If you have any thoughts about the episode, don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments section!
  • I love the running joke of Zayday constantly reminding everyone that she put herself through college in a year and a half. (Probably inspired by the writers not wanting a huge amount of time to pass between the first and second season, so they just had Zayday graduate because again, why not?)
  • But favorite joke for the episode is that an entire hospital (with patients inside) shut down for the night because they wanted to celebrate Halloween.
  • We got 30 seconds of Niecy Nash returning as Denise Hemphill, which was too short. I miss you Denise Hemphill!
  • So apparently that was Cecily Strong as C.U.R.E.’s first patient. I didn’t recognize her for the whole episode.
  • I loved the detail of Chanel #3 wears surgical gloves over her ears at times.
  • Movies that this season of Scream Queens took inspiration from (just off the top of my head): Heathers, Halloween 2, the Twilight series, and The Hand.

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