Scream Queens 1×12 & 1×13 ‘Dorkus’ & ‘The Final Girl(s)’: A horrifically happy ending


Well, I didn’t see that coming.

No, not the identity of the killer (in hindsight, it was pretty obvious), or the fact that the Chanels were blamed for all the problems on campus. But rather, the fact that this season ended on relatively happy note. Aside from the people murdered, everyone generally got what they wanted. (Heck, even the murdered Gigi and Boone got what they desired).

Zayday and Grace remade Kappa into a house of sisterhood, Wes finally learned to let go of his daughter, Dean Munsch became famous and started dating Wes, Denise Hemphill joined the FBI, and Hester got to start her life over, finally able to let go of her mother’s death. It’s one of the most surprising parts of the show – that Scream Queens actually seems to shrug and say “Well, campus IS better now”. Hester never faces any negative repercussions for the murders, Kappa’s all about compassion, the Dickie Dollar Scholars are giving money to charity, and even the Chanels are having a ball in the mental institution they’ve been sent to.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Scream Queen’s message is my theory on why no one was actually killed off in a show called Scream Queens. The victims were mainly Dickie Dollar Scholars and Kappa girls who we all knew were doomed from the start. Gigi and Pete were the two “big” killings, but they were both murderers. No one of importance was killed off, because Scream Queens wouldn’t be able to make the audience feel sympathy for Hester. Hester even makes a point of saying that she never killed anyone except for Pete, and she doesn’t feel much guilt for that because he was a murderer. Does the logic make sense? Of course not. Hester was responsible for burning Melanie Dorkus, for the Red Devil mascot being murdered, for the Chanels being imprisoned. Just because she didn’t actually put the acid in the spray tanner or stabbed the Red Devil doesn’t make it okay that she helped carry out her murderous plans.

This is one of the most disappointing things about Scream Queens – for a horror series, it’s never actually scary. This is partly forgiven by the fact that it’s a pretty hilarious comedy series, but “The Final Girl(s)” was lacking in comedy as well. I thought that the season finale would produce one of the most hilarious and horrifying episodes yet. Instead, a good chunk of the episode was Hester talking about how the Chanels were all killers. Lea Michele is great, but even she can’t save “The Final Girl(s)”. Scream Queens has asked us to accept so much insanity that it seems odd that they would suddenly try to over explain how the Chanels were being framed as the killers. There were some funny parts, such as #5’s parents ready to turn on her in a second and everyone ignoring Grace’s protests that all evidence pointed to Hester as the killer, but it wasn’t enough. So much insanity has gone on in the show, I would have accepted that Hester had been able to frame the Chanels without the huge explanation.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Scream Queens was a pretty fun experiment – would a show that was a mix between horror and comedy work? Where the Backstreet Boys can play as limbs get chopped off and Jamie Lee Curtis can take on a killer in Justice Scalia mask? The show did have its flaws – it dragged at times, people changed plans so fast my head would spin, plots would get discarded from one week to the next. But I’m still glad I watched this show. For better or worse, it stayed committed to the complete insanity it promised from the outset, making it one of the most original – if not best – shows this fall. 

Notes and Observations

  • Season MVPs: Jamie Lee Curtis and Billie Lourd. Curtis did fantastic work as the completely berserk and yet cunning dean, while Lourd was an unexpected delight as Chanel #3. I also enjoyed Nasim Pedrad’s commitment to the completely bonkers Gigi.
  • Kill Count 2. Pete and the pizza guy. Again, not a lot of death for a season finale of a horror series.
  • Best dark joke of the night: Gigi stabbing the Red Devil mascot way longer than she needed to, pausing, and then continuing to stab him again.
  • Wes, continuing his streak of bad parenting decisions, tells Grace that Pete was really good for her aside from the whole killing people thing.
  • Denise hired strippers to be her police officers, because of course she did.
  • There was a criminal lack of Chad in this season finale.
  • I actually really enjoyed the Chanels having the time of their lives in a mental institution. Partly because it’s sadly hilarious that they would find a mental institution more liberating than Kappa, and partly because this season has shown us that the Chanels are the products of neglectful and hurtful families who went to Kappa to fit in, only to end up in an even worse environment. It doesn’t excuse all the harmful things they did, but it’s bizarrely sweet that they were able to escape from their unhappy lives, stop hurting people, and find happiness. Chanel #5 finally got friends, Chanel #3 got a girlfriend, and Chanel #1 is still ruling, but in a happier and less abusive way.
  • Well, that’s a wrap on this season! I hope you guys enjoyed reading these reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them. I’m not sure if the show is coming back for a second season, and I’m not really sure I need it to. Everything was pretty much wrapped up nicely. Yes, I know that Chanel saw the Red Devil right before she went to sleep, but I’m willing to write that off as a nightmare inspired by the events Chanel went through, and the fact that she knows the Red Devil is still out there. It’s a fitting end, showing that even though the Chanels are now happy, Hester really did leave an impression on them.

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