Scream Queens 1×11 ‘Black Friday’: The end is coming

Red Devil

In hindsight, I should have realized that Scream Queens would have a blast celebrating Black Friday. A day where people trample one another to be first into a store? Where you can buy cheap gifts for friends? Of course Chanel would love Black Friday.

To add on to the craziness, Black Friday was when the Kappa girls decided that Dean Munsch was the killer. After Chanel took an arrow to the shoulder, they made up their minds to kill Munsch before she could kill them. If you’ve watched even a minute of this show, you can guess how horribly that went. Although this time I’m not sure if it’s the Kappas’ general incompetence or Dean Munsch’s Rasputin-like inability to be killed. Jamie Lee Curtis was fantastic in this episode, as Munsch gleefully thwarted every assassination attempt that came her away.

This episode was a great showcase for Curtis, and I feel like it’s the last chance for her to clown around and act like a villain before the finale. The show clearly doesn’t want to give up the identity of the Red Devil killers until the very last minute, so having all the Kappas target the Dean was a great way to distract them and yet give the audience an enjoyable episode. Of course, in addition to the Kappas’ murder plot, this episode made it obvious that the show is building up to its big finale next week, with Gigi’s motivations and Pete’s guilt being revealed.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

“Black Friday” made it fully clear that the Kappas really were on their own. In a move that only Scream Queens could get away with, the police had all been simultaneously fired due to their incompetence. They were replaced by the only slightly more competent Denise Hemphill, who let the killer escape when she started talking too much.

All the pieces are moving into place for the Scream Queens finale. The Kappas are by themselves, with any allies they previously had revealed as potential killers or unable to protect anybody. Denise is the Chief of Police. Pete is revealed to be a killer. Dean Musnch is… well I’m not sure what she’s doing besides being creepy and awesome. Still, everyone is finally, finally focusing on catching on the killer, and that determination can only lead to an awesome season finale.

The finale looks like it’s going to be a full-on fight between the Kappas and the Red Devils, and I for one, cannot wait. The best thing about a horror series is that when it’s the season finale, a show has nothing to lose. No more holding back on the terror, the suspense, and the flat-out insanity of Scream Queens.

Notes and Observations

  • Kill Count: 1. The poor police officer who was killed by Denise’s inability to stop talking and shoot the killer.
  • Who’s the Killer(s)?: Well, I’m pretty sure that Pete’s one of them, and from the mysterious phone call he received it sounds like there’s at least one more killer out there. How many people did Gigi get to join this 20 year revenge plot?
  • We finally got more info on Gigi this week: she was the sister of Amy, the Kappa girl who tried to raise the bathtub babies, but eventually committed suicide. I think it was a mistake to kill off Gigi before the season finale – Nasim Pedrad did a great job as playing Gigi as an unstable killer, and it would have been great to see her go fully insane in the big finale.
  • Since the finale is next week, here’s a list of everyone I want to survive the season: Dean Munsch, Denise Hemphill, Chanel #3, Zayday Williams, and Chanel. Mainly because if this show has a second season, I want to see them battle a killer again. They’re so horribly bad at it and it’s hilarious.

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