Scream Queens 1×10 ‘Thanksgiving’: The holidays are horrifying


It’s Thanksgiving for Scream Queens, and the turkey isn’t the only one that’s dead. Along with mashed potatoes and stuffing, this week’s episode served up a helping of accusations, revelations, and murder.

On the plus side, at least no matter how much you hate the holidays, there’s a good chance the Kappas’ Thanksgiving will be worse than yours. In one day everyone managed to accuse each other of being the Red Devil killer, deal with their emotionally neglectful families, and find a dead woman’s head in the place of their turkey.

This episode was entertaining, even if nothing much happened. Chanel and Chad fought yet again, Chanel and Hester yet again became friends, and everyone tossed around their theories about who the killer was. However, despite an entire hour dedicated to figuring out who’s the killer, the overwhelming conclusion seemed to be: nobody knows. Everyone has a motive and is a suspect, and the only revealing info was that Wes fathered the Red Devil killers. Despite how creepy I find Wes to be, I felt a bit sorry for him in this episode. He lost his girlfriend, and found out that he has two new insane children, one who is already dead.

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

Hester and Chanel don’t have a happy Thanksgiving, either. A peek into the lives of the Radwells is simultaneously hilarious and devastating. While it’s now clear where Chad’s self-delusion and sense of entitlement comes from, everyone in the Radwell family is so awful that I’m glad we have only one episode with them. They can’t bring themselves to be civil to Chanel or Hester, whose trump card of pretending to be pregnant means nothing in the eyes of the Radwells. The only downfall to this plot is that it gives Chanel and Chad another reason to fight and break up. For once, when Chanel claims that she’s breaking up with Chad, I wish she would mean it. They have so many fights that I’m starting to roll my eyes every single time they’re in a scene together.

Due to the limited number of episodes left, I’m guessing “Thanksgiving” was one last chance to gather all of the cast together and give them an hour to riff off of one another. Despite all the accusations, this was largely a humorous episode. The Dean breaks into the dangerous Kappa house to cook her turkey, Wes steals meat from the Kappas’ fridge, and we saw a flashback of Chanel #3 and #5 meeting Grace for the first time. It was a relatively light episode of Scream Queens, and considering this might be the last time we get to hang out with these characters before the final bloodbath starts, I’m alright with that.

We’ve only got three episodes left of this season of Scream Queens, and as Gigi’s death shows, we’ll have to say goodbye to more characters each week. Up until this point, only Dickie Dollar Scholars, the lesser known Kappas, and guest stars were killed off each week. Gigi’s death is the first major death to happen, showing that all bets are off now. Regular cast members are going to start falling, and it looks like there’s no one to keep the final Red Devil in check anymore. If I was a Kappa, I’d be worried.

Notes and Observations

  • Kill Count: 1. I’ll miss Gigi. She was insane, but I really enjoyed her character. She was a doozy of crazy fun, and Nasim Pedrad knocked it out of the park playing her as humorous and insane.
  • Who is the Killer(s)?: At this point, it’s a toss-up. Seriously, it could be anyone.
  • “Is this meat locker like a wormhole into an alternate universe or something?”
  • The Dean pardons a turkey, only to kill it when no one’s looking. Of course she does.
  • A Radwell welcome: “Welcome Chanel. Chad hasn’t mentioned you. Ever.”
  • Another example of Wes’ great parenting choices: accusing your daughter of being a killer in front of all her friends on Thanksgiving.

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