Scream Queens 1×08 ‘Mommie Dearest’: Daddy Dearest


One of the main themes of Scream Queens has been parents and the sins they pass onto their children. From the first moments of the show, parents and children have been a huge factor at play. The opening of the show was a girl dying in a bathtub after giving birth to her child. Gigi became the Hag of Shady Lane by trying to take care of a child. Chanel #1 and #2 are monsters because their parents are neglectful and hurtful. Everything comes back to children and their parents. This is never more obvious than in “Mommie Dearest”, which highlights the increasingly creepy connection between Wes and Grace.

It’s pretty clear that Wes, while probably not the Red Devil killer, is lacking in sanity. First he thinks Gigi coming home with an engagement ring is cute. Then, instead of sitting her down and having a long talk about their relationship, thinks it’ll be fun to play along with her delusion. Mainly so he can have sex with her. He takes advantage of a clearly delusional woman so he can have sex with her. The icing on the cake is that he burned down his own home, so Grace would never find any evidence about her mother. Instead of, you know, hiding the evidence away or just burning the evidence itself, he burns down the whole home. He expects her to be touched by this revelation, and thinks she’s crazy when she reacts like any normal human being does and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

Furthermore, Wes doesn’t have any reasons to really commit Grace to an institution. Her reactions in this episode were mostly reasonable. Yes, she’s getting horrible grades but that’s because a serial killer is running around campus, killing all her friends. I’m pretty sure that most of Kappa is probably failing their classes too. She got extremely upset when she realized her father had lied about her mother, and told him to stay away. Considering the circumstances, that’s a pretty reasonable response to finding out you’ve been lied to your whole life. None of this is an actual reason to commit Grace to an institution. The only reason Gigi can manipulate Wes so well is because he’s an awful parent who can’t handle his daughter drifting away from him. Honestly? If anyone should be in an institution, it’s him.

He claims everything he does for Grace is because he cares about her, but there’s caring about someone, and then obsessing about them. This week finally confirmed that Wes’ “caring” isn’t healthy or nurturing. He may not be the Red Devil, but Grace should definitely watch her back around Wes.

Notes and Observations

  • Kill Count: 1. Poor candle vlogger. Well, at least she would have been pleased with all the candles at her memorial service.
  • Who’s the Killer(s)?: We’re only left with one Red Devil who we don’t know the identity to. We’ve got Gigi, Boone, and one mystery killer. Although knowing this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more killers out there, copy-catting off of the originals.
  • If Gigi was the one in the Justice Scalia mask, as the show hints, why wouldn’t she have any bruises on her face from the beating Munsch gave her? Of course this show isn’t really interested in logic, as evidenced from the fact that Gigi showed up to a killing in a Justice Scalia
  • I will admit, I was shocked to realize that Grace’s mother was Bethany, the Kappa president who ditched a dying girl to go party to Waterfalls. It’s a nice twist, and the first one that’s surprised me in weeks.
  • If the university really is closed, then shouldn’t everyone leave campus? Including the Kappa sisters? Why is everyone hanging around when there is a killer on campus clearly targeting them?
  • Finally, a shout out to Dean Munsch, who was on fire this week with her takedown of the Red Devil killers and her closing of the campus (once she realized that she was in danger). Jamie Lee Curtis got to recreate her mother’s Psycho shower scene, and it was awesome.

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