Scream Queens 1×07 ‘Beware of Young Girls’: Beware of Gigi Caldwell


The smartest person on Scream Queens, bar none, is Gigi Caldwell. Originally set up as a kind-hearted and slightly naïve supporter of the Kappa sisters during the Red Devil crisis, she’s recently showed her true self. Everything she’s done has actually been to help and lead the Red Devil(s). Her sweet appearance was a trick played not only on the sisters, but on the audience as well.

Nasim Pedrad does great work as Gigi, switching from innocent to devious on a moment’s notice. Her scenes with Wes and Grace display this perfectly: Pedrad plays Gigi with wide-eyes and sweet smiles, while slowly letting the audience see the monster beneath the surface. Not only is Gigi devious, but it’s been revealed that she’s much smarter than the audience ever thought. She proves herself to be a master manipulator and planner in this episode, talking about Feather to Grace, and setting off a whole chain of events.

It’s notable that Gigi only appears at the beginning of the episode, having a girl’s day out with Grace and slipping Feather into casual conversation. Gigi doesn’t appear in the rest of the episode after that, but everything that happens after her conversation with Grace is a direct result of their conversation. Gigi’s a puppet master, manipulating others from being the scenes, and trying hard not to let herself be included in the madness.

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

Of course, I may be overstating Gigi’s intelligence, considering how easy Grace and Pete are to fool. It seems like everyone in this show (sans Gigi and maybe Dean Munsch) are incredibly oblivious and/or stupid. The Chanels’ ideas of killing someone range from smashing a bowling ball on their head to crushing diamonds into a powder and having their victim eat it. The police (in the style of horror movies) can’t solve a case to save their lives. But Grace and Pete take the cake. The moment that Dean Munsch mentioned she couldn’t eat deli meats, I knew she was setting them up.

Although Grace and Pete are attempting to solve the Red Devil murders, they just keep making things worse. We’re seven episodes into the season, and they’ve gotten nothing done but flirt with one another, get Feather imprisoned in a mental institution, and let Dean Munsch get away with the murder of her ex-husband. Yes, they also found out the story of the Kappa baby, but that ended in the bloody murder of poor Mandy, who told them story and then was murdered by the Red Devil. I know people in horror movies normally have lowered intelligence (most of the murders in horror movies could be avoided if people were using their brains) but this seems like almost too much. Grace is our heroine, and we’re supposed to root for her. That’s hard to do when she is so oblivious and gullible. If she doesn’t wise up soon, she’ll be easy pray for Gigi.

Notes and Observations

  • Kill Count of the Week: 1. Dean Munsch’s ex-husband, the Beatles 101 professor.
  • Who’s the Killer(s): We didn’t get a lot of clues this week, as the Red Devil never showed up during this episode. But I think we can safely cross out Dean Munsch, creepy and evil as she may be, as the Red Devil. If she really was in league with Gigi, her past with Feather wouldn’t have been the focus of Gigi’s plan.
  • Apparently, Hell doesn’t have dinosaurs anymore because Jesus broke in and stole them all. Thanks for letting us know, Chanel #2.
  • “I mean, I can’t believe we did it. I can’t believe this is really over.” Grace about Dean Munsch’s arrest. Pete just said she has henchmen, Grace. SHE. HAS. HENCHMEN.
  • Okay, so are Grace and Pete the worst detectives ever, or the worst detectives ever? Discuss in the comments.

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  • Frank

    I am to bored watching Pete and Grace to care.

  • Nate

    They’re definitely the worst detectives. They’re only being used to move the plot along. Although given the strong focus on Grace, I think she’s going to survive the season.

    I wish you had talked about Chanel #2 more in your review, just to see how you felt about her. I mean, I know you mentioned her in the notes, but she was probably my favorite character of the episode. LOL.