Scream 1×08 ‘Ghosts’: Did they catch the killer?


The countdown continues. With two episodes left on the clock and some major questions answered this week, it’s a wonder to see just what the heck is going to happen in the two final episodes. But first, it’s time to deal with the shocking ending of last week’s episode and to see how Emma is holding up. And of course to see what other red-herrings the writers are going to throw our way.

After Will Belmont’s death at the end of last week’s episode, it was safe to predict that this week’s episode was going to revolve around how Emma is handling it. And what do you know, that’s pretty much what this whole episode is about. However, there are many secrets cleared up, one that involves Emma’s mom and one that involves Brooke’s dad. Basically, this episode is less action and more an attempt to tie up some loose ends before the season’s finale.

Of course Emma suffers from Will’s death, even though she tries her best to make it look like she’s okay. But after some graphic hallucinations of Will, Emma winds up in the hospital. The show throws in a huge tease by having Emma imagine that her dad shows up. It’s not totally clear that his first appearance is just her imagination, but the second time he definitely is. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t actually made an appearance yet because that would definitely shed some light on the past. But what Emma does find out is that her mom did in fact sleep with Brandon James, got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption.



So now the general consensus is that Brandon James’ child has come back for revenge. If that is the case, then that really does mean that there is more than one killer (or the killer has an accomplice). How would Brandon James’ kid even know who they are without someone telling them. Maybe Emma’s dad is involved somehow, or someone else from their past. Or maybe Emma’s mom is still hiding things from Emma and is behind this in some way. This reveal just creates way more questions and it might drive you crazy.

Thankfully the whole thing with Brooke’s dad is cleared up. Brooke’s father is taken into police custody in suspicion of killing his wife and possibly killing Will. He gives Brooke the number for where her mother is and she actually talks to her on the phone. So, her mom’s alive. Great. At least that better be the case because it’s just getting too cluttered with two episodes left. Yes, there is a second season so not everything will be explained, but again, enough needs to be explained in order to make watching this first season worth it to the viewer.

In terms of suspects, Noah and Audrey find evidence that highly suggests that Mr. Branson is the killer, which leads to his arrest at the end of the episode. In the preview for next week’s episode, Branson says a very convincing “Hello, Emma,” which is very reminiscent of how the killer sounds on the phone. But, as I’m sure most viewers have come to understand, it’s very unlikely that Branson is the killer. It’s totally possible that he’s in on it, or is one of the killers (because again, there HAS to be more than one). But it’s clear that with two episodes left that the game is still on. I think it’s safe to say that the mastermind behind these killings has yet to be caught.



This week’s episode may not have been as action-packed as last week’s, but that’s okay. It makes sense that this episode takes a break from the killer’s shenanigans (apart from the ending of the episode) to focus on other important issues like Brooke’s dad, Emma’s mom and Brandon James’ relationship, and Emma’s mental distress. Plus there needs to be enough material for the next two episodes (and judging from the promos it looks like there is).

With the season close to ending, it’s been difficult not to try and piece the clues together to try and pinpoint who the killers are. It’s still pretty much up in the air because the show has done a good job at keeping everybody as a suspect. But my main fear is that there may be a lot of plot holes depending on who’s behind all of this, and that enough won’t be resolved in the final episode. I truly hope I’m wrong and that the writers have planned this out intricately, especially since they’ve filled this season with a good number of subplots. We’ll just have to stick around for the final two episodes to see if it’s all been worth it.

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