Scream 1×07 ‘In the Trenches’: Breaking all of the horror movie rules


Now that this show is finally getting somewhere, it’s slightly hard to believe that there are only three episodes left. But since a second season of Scream has been confirmed, there’s a little worry that maybe not everything will wrap up at the end of this season (unless they decide to go the American Horror Story route and do different stories each season). However, if you thought the ending of last week’s episode was a big deal, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

As if this show hadn’t established already that anyone can be the killer’s next victim, it felt like reminding us yet again that that is very much the case. While this episode included more teenage investigating, it did feel purely like build up to something horrible, and it sure followed through on that front.

This week’s episode starts right where last week’s left off. Piper wakes up after being knocked out by the killer and finds a note spray-painted on the wall by the killer saying “No cops Emma.” Piper shows this to Emma, Jake, and Brooke which makes the rest of the episode about where the heck did the killer bring Will. Well that’s where Noah comes in, who of course is able to track down Will’s phone by the miracle of GPS, which leads Emma, Brooke, Jake, and Noah to an abandoned bowling alley which of course they go to without telling anybody else.



While watching the episode is intense, it does end up feeling like a bit of a waste once you have a few minutes to sit with it after it ends. And that all has to do with literally the last 30 seconds of the episode. The episode is all about finding Will and making sure he’s alive. “This can’t be how you die,” Emma says right after they find him tied up in the bowling alley. Well she was right about that. The writer were smart about making it seem like the bowling alley is the main event of the episode. But nope, it’s when Will basically gets chained in half by a gruesome contraption that Emma essentially triggers by trying to run up and save him before he is severed in half. And then she’s sprayed with his blood. Yeah, that’s how the episode ends.

It makes sense for the killer to make Emma feel like everything is okay after the bowling alley by not killing anyone. That’s what makes Will’s death so shocking. The gruesomeness of it helps too, a playful hint that it’s probably going to get much worse. But it also raises the stakes ever higher, making it feel like anyone is going to die next.

The main interesting aspect of this episode is that everyone is still a suspect, no matter what really happens to them. Even though Jake is stabbed, Noah explains that he could have had it purposely done to himself so he wouldn’t be suspected anymore (he clearly didn’t kill will but he could still be involved with the other murders). And Jake explains that Noah’s whole nerdy schtick could just be an act since he is the one who leads them to the bowling alley in the first place. And of course Mr. Branson’s absence from the episode is suspicious, and Piper disappearing after she tells Emma and company that Will was kidnapped is also something to note. So even with the steady increase of murders, it’s still not obvious who the killers are. And I’m definitively saying killers now because there are too many factors involved for the killer to be one person.



While the show has been strong these past two episodes, it has been feeling a bit cluttered: Will and Jake’s blackmailing thing that hasn’t been totally explained yet (since it also had something to do with Nina), Brooke’s dad and the incriminating video, the back story of Brandon James, the possibility that Emma’s mom and Brandon James slept together, and ten billion other things. That’s where the worry for how they’re going to wrap everything up comes in. Obviously if it’s going to be the same storyline for next season than they can’t tie every loose end, but they definitely have to tie up the right ones in order for viewers not to feel cheated when season one comes to a close.

This week’s episode certainly wasn’t perfect, but it did have some good moments and left us with a killer ending (had to throw that joke in here somewhere). There are parts in the bowling alley where it feels a bit disjointed and that too many things are happening at once (plus they keep splitting up which is a horror movie rule that should never be broken). But the scene where Brooke confronts her dad about the video and the blackmail is great. Again, it’s very pleasing to see that they’ve done a lot more with Brooke’s character. I’ve gone from totally okay with her being killed off to actually hoping she doesn’t die. Good job, show.

With three episodes left, it’s hard to pinpoint where the writers are going to take things after this huge death. From the looks of the promo for the rest of the season, it seems that Emma will find out just who she can and cannot trust. And her dad is finally going to make an appearance (it’s about dang time), which will hopefully shed more light on Brandon James. Despite the show taking on a bit too much, here’s hoping that they clear some things up in the next episode in order for the finale to truly be awesome. Because the potential is there, the only main concern is the execution of it all.

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