Scream 1×06 ‘Betrayed’: Who’s really behind the mask?


It’s our first foray into the second half of the first season, and Scream has decided to pick up the pace a little bit. While most of this week’s episode is clearing up some red-herrings and creating new ones, it brings back the old school murder mystery vibe that’s been making an occasional appearance in some episodes (it should be in every episode but whatever). And while everyone is still a suspect, it does feel like we’re finally getting somewhere, even if we still have to deal with a dozen red-herrings.

This week’s episode is all about making Audrey the main suspect of the murder cases. There might be some merit to it, but it’s clear that it’s really just filler. The more interesting aspects revolve around other characters and storylines in the episode, even though seeing Emma and Noah team up is an added bonus and is probably the most enjoyable part of the episode. They are two of the best characters in the show after all.

Obviously Audrey has an explanation for the video of her threatening to get back at Nina for posting the video of her and Rachel. She could still be a suspect, especially if there is more than one killer, but she’s certainly not the mastermind behind it. And while her suspicion is being played out, other important matters are being addressed, like Mr. Branson and his true identity, Emma’s mom telling Emma about the Brandon James that she knew, Will teaming up with Piper, and Brooke’s father possibly having killed her mother. So for an episode that has a massive red-herring for a main story line, the rest of it is still worth watching for the other important subplots that lead to a pretty awesome ending.



It’s interesting that this episode starts off with Emma having a dream that Kieran betrayed her and that she herself is wearing the mask, and then in the actual episode Kieran only appears once. Not sure how much merit the dream has or what possible clues it presents, but it certainly plants a seed of doubt in regards to Kieran’s true intentions. Getting to more interesting characters, there is more Noah in this episode, which is always a good sign because he essentially is the show’s narrator. He’s still trying to figure out where Mr. Branson fits into the whole webcam hacking thing and if he’s just a pawn or an active player. Since suspicion has been heading his way more, it’s likely that his part isn’t that substantial. But since Mr. Branson isn’t his real name, it’ll be interesting to discover who he actually is.

The most important revelation in this episode comes when Emma’s mom tells Emma her own story and what her relationship with Brandon James was actually like. She’s not convinced that he killed those teenagers back in the day, but she never voiced her thoughts. So it’s likely that in next week’s episode, more will be revealed about Brandon James’ past and if he actually was the murderer he was made out to be. That would most likely make this present day killer someone who knew James, or at least someone who knew that he was innocent.

In other news, Will decides to trust Piper and reveals to her that he and Jake have been blackmailing Brooke’s father. Will returns the incriminating video and the money to Brooke’s father (with Piper recording the conversation) and avoids almost getting shot by him. When Piper and Will try to leave the abandoned warehouse (or whatever it is), they’re attacked by the killer, with the killer stabbing and taking Will with him and leaving Piper on the ground. And that’s the end of the episode. A much needed improvement from how last week’s episode ended.



Now of course this ending raises all sorts of questions: is Brooke’s dad the killer? If not, how did the killer know that the three of them were there? Is Will still alive? This ending kind of supports my theory that Kieran and Piper are working together. It would explain why the killer didn’t murder Piper, and she could have led Kieran to that place so he could kidnap Will. But of course as the show likes to remind us, the killer can still be anybody.

With last week’s episode being pretty disappointing , the writers certainly stepped up their game this week. They realized that their three strongest characters are Emma, Audrey and Noah, and that putting them (together or individually) at the center of an episode is going to keep viewers watching. The writers also did a good job with the other storylines, finally doing something more with what Jake and Will have been up to and tying that in with Brooke’s dad and then having that be the big finale to the episode. It finally feels like the stakes have risen, and even though everyone is still a suspect, you’re certainly more interested in sticking around to find out who the killer (or killers) is.

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