Scream 1×04 ‘Aftermath’: “The truth lies where the mask was made”


Scream may not have started off as strong as it could of, but it surely is gaining a fair amount of momentum as the season goes on. With the last episode having a major death, the stakes have increased. There may be no death in this episode, but there’s plenty of set up for more death and more clues as to who the killer (or killers) may be.

This week’s episode starts off with the aftermath of Riley’s death. Emma is upset, Noah is upset, pretty much everyone is upset. Since she is the first character that we’ve really gotten to know who has fallen victim to the killer, there’s no doubt that the following episodes will go deeper into just what the heck is going on in this town.

The big thing that happens in this episode is that Emma, Audrey, and Noah play detective. After getting Brandon James’ yearbook in the mail with the message “The truth lies where the mask was made,” Noah tells Emma and Audrey that Brandon James’ mask was a surgical one made at the hospital (that is now abandoned) where James was treated. And since he had multiple surgeries, he had multiple masks made (HUGE HINT: there’s gotta be more than one killer).



Yes, other things do happen in this episode, but this is definitely the highlight. Especially since for the first time in an episode no one is murdered. It brings a fun murder mystery element to it, and of course it’s more interesting that it’s the teens doing the investigating instead of the police. It also let’s us get to know Emma, Audrey, and Noah more, since by now they are really the only characters that are worth caring about (although I do applaud the fact that they made Brooke an actual person in this episode). Plus we get to see Noah go full nerd when they discover the killer’s lair. But as Noah states, the lair looks staged, and as stated by the sheriff, the police found nothing in the hospital when they swept it a week before. So, to come to a relative conclusion, this killer is really making this a game (and isn’t just saying that to needlessly freak Emma out).

The big discovery that leads to the end of the episode is Nina’s computer being found in the killer’s lair. While they’re able to transfer the files still on there on to Audrey’s SD card, what they discover is pretty devastating for Emma, especially since it ends up being uploaded to the Internet for the whole world (or at least everyone who lives in Lakewood) to see. The video is of Emma and Will’s first time, fully bringing in the horror film trope that non-virgins are the ones truly susceptible to being murdered.



While most people might be bummed out that no one died this episode, it still presented some interesting hints and back story that will benefit the rest of the season. Again, it may not have been the most thrilling, but it also worked on some character issues. Again, Brooke is becoming more than just the slutty high school girl and that is great. And there are more and more hints to what Will and Jake are talking about every time they have a scene together (and it definitely has something to do with Nina). It’s hard to say exactly where the show is headed, especially since they left out some substantial characters in this episode (mainly Kieran and Mr. Branson). But I think it’s safe to say that in terms of developing theories, there is definitely more than one killer (unless that’s just a huge red-herring and in that case, not cool).

Since this episode had more of a specific focus, a lot of the issues the show has had are not present in this episode. They will most likely creep up again, but it is nice to see them absent for at least one episode. Again, Scream has been getting better with each episode. And this one certainly proves that they can bring a unique vibe to the show that feels a little more old school than what the show has been going for so far.


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