Scorpion 1×21 ‘Cliffhanger’: or Magnets for some reason

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This episode certainly was a cliffhanger. Season finale level cliffhanger, which begs the question, ‘what are they doing next week?’

So, 16 years back Walter created a guidance system to deliver aid into warzones. The government used it to launch missiles at terrorists and instead killed civilians. This has been hanging over Walter and Cabe the whole season and now has come to a head. Cabe knew three days before what was going to happen. Now a person who lost his fiancé in the attack decides to take another person’s fiancé and anyone else he can because not enough people have died from this already. He demands the government come clean about what happened. This means Cabe’s secret of having a little bit of warning about what was going to go down might possibly be revealed… eventually. So in this high stakes situation where lives are on the line he pulls Walter aside and comes clean. Are you kidding? Cabe knows exactly how he’s going to react. Now is the worst time he could have brought it up. Also if he really believed in the team he would know they would save the day before it came to that. Even then if the info was released Walter wouldn’t know that specific detail until later. It’s a major conflict that Cabe would have known could have been avoided. But no.

Source: CBS Why does a TV van have magnets this strong?

Source: CBS
Why does a TV van have magnets this strong?

Also Ralph, he sneaks out of school, alright I can see that, and then sneaks on to an active crime scene? Not only that, but into the building? Now to be fair a cop did catch him and had him wait in his squad car as he went to call him mom, which he didn’t. He didn’t even ask who or where his mom was. Yet Ralph easily give the cops the slip and gets into the building, saves the day, but almost dies prompting Paige to leave the team. Why was no one else watching? Also why didn’t the school call Paige to tell her they lost her son? And why is a dangerous chemical weapons lab within walking distance of an elementary school?! No, no nothing adds up about this at all.

All of this is why I say it was very season finale-ish. It was drama for the sake of drama. Let’s tear the whole team apart and leave people guessing until we come back in the fall. Except next week is the season finale. So what are they going to do for that? Well I have an idea. At the close of this week’s episode Walter drives off a cliff. Which means next week he’s going to be in the hospital, possibly in a coma. Prompting everyone to come by one by one to visit him and have one sided conversations about the current state of the team complete with flashbacks. Prompting everyone to realize how much they really need each other. That’s my bet. We’ll see if I’m right. What do you want to see in the season finale?

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