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Scorpion 1×17 ‘Going South’: Once upon a time in Mexico

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This interview will not possibly backfire in anyway.

Did you notice the HUGE life or death issue in this week’s episode that no one seems to care about? Because I did and I don’t know why a team of super geniuses don’t realize the gravity of the situation.

But first I am going to have to complain about the inferred sonar they make to infiltrate the Cartel’s headquarters. It was a completely irrelevant plot point. It’s as if they finished the script and then said, hey wait they didn’t build enough random gadgets. So they penciled in a problem and a random gadget to fill some sort of quota. The thing that gets me is they spend so much time setting it up and none of it really made sense. The whole team is at each other’s throats, they were just robbed, and are in a cartel owned town, Sylvester should be freaking out, but instead he’s souvenir shopping for his girlfriend. That doesn’t seem right. Then they mention the clock he buys a few more times before destroying it to get to the sensor to solve a problem that at the time seems legitimist. There will be guards in the hallway. Then ultimately all they used it for was to identify one guy who was facing away from them and so into his music he was dead to the world that Gabe walks up to and knocks unconscious the way he would have without the sonar. It really added nothing to the story. It’s fluff that should have been trimmed off in the rewrites.

Source: CBS Alright everyone, look slightly annoyed

Source: CBS
Alright everyone, look slightly annoyed

Now back to that life or death mistake I was talking about, Toby has gotten the whole team killed. I hope they bring that up later. Everyone is going to die horribly now because of Toby and no one seemed to notice or care. Toby’s master plan, which he doesn’t explain beforehand, is to leave a wannabe gangster alone in the room with everyone’s IDs and money. So when they get robbed and the kid runs for it they can track him through the GPS locators in the money or some such technobabble. The thing is they make a point of saying that the Cartel now has their IDs. All of them. Along with their names and home addresses. Someone will show up at their doorsteps and kill them all, and no one seems to care. That’s just a major plot hole I have to point out.

Aside from that a fun episode. Walter’s a jerk, who has no idea he did anything wrong and the bickering was very well scripted and a lot of fun. Sylvester’s a sweet heart who’s going to have some very tough character development ahead that I for one am really looking forward to. So go check it out. No Scorpion next week, yet again they are skipping a week. However don’t miss episode 18 on March 9th.

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