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Scorpion 1×16 ‘Love Boat’: soon will be making another run

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If the month of January has been confusing for any Scorpion fan out there. I agree. I don’t know what CBS is doing. They had an episode early January, and then took a week off during which they announced that Scorpion was renewed for a season two. Huzzah! Then they played an episode on a Sunday and the following Monday. If you missed an episode there you’re not alone, then they skipped two weeks and played one last night. Now they will skip next week and air episode 17 on February 23rd, and then skip a week again for episode 18 in March. So if you’re as lost as I am, let me bring you up to speed.

So, Episode 14, ‘Charades’ a female terrorist had seduced a CIA employee to give her chemicals to make a deadly nerve gas. Turns out she really loved the guy. Walter tells Paige love is stupid, probably a bad move considering they both have feelings for each other. Decent episode with some fun awkward moments for Walter.

Episode 15, ‘Forget Me Nots’ years ago the nuclear ‘football’ was stolen, the briefcase that allows the president to launch nuclear missiles, and I guess they didn’t have any tracking device on it, or maybe no one cared but suddenly it’s a problem because terrorist almost launch nukes at Russia. So they give a former secret service agent a memory jolt. Fun idea, but some really stupid moments. Memory is not stored perfect or concretely, especially when you are drifting in and out of consciousness and it is not stored permanently like some sort of file cabinet. Also the ‘football’ does not have a giant red button that might as well say, ‘push here to fire nukes.’ And if it happens to be run over by a train, PROBLEM SOLVED! It’s destroyed and can’t send a signal. …..? What was that? The logic just fell apart on so many levels so many times.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS
Oh, you’re still here?

Anyway that brings us up to now, the Valentine’s Day episode. Love is in the air and even logical Walter is not immune. However some missile launchers have been stolen and are being smuggled out of the country on a luxury cruise liner. Walter and the gang board the ship disguised as passengers and attempted to hack the missiles to both deactivate them and plant trackers so they can find the buyers. All of which takes far longer than they estimated and they are swept out to sea where they fail to hack the missiles, are ultimately discovered and almost die. Meanwhile Happy and Toby stay behind for technical support but instead help Ralph impress a girl all while coming to terms with their own relationship.

Now I really like Ari Stidham as Sylvester, and once again he stole the show for me. Here’s a character who is deathly afraid of water, and boats, small spaces, certain foods, high places, strangers, public speaking, and so on, yet he finds himself on a boat in the water, eating frog legs and escargot, talking with strangers about investments, climbing trough vents, leaping off a balcony into a smaller boat filled with armed guards surrounded by water. Now he knows he needs to do all this to save his friends, so what he does is sort of create this fictitious character that he’s impersonating and pretends his way through it. Stidham does such a fantastic job with it too switching in and out of character when he forgets not to be Sylvester.


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Sylvester really is the most dynamic character in the show. No one’s characters have really changed much. They’ve opened up to each other, but that’s not change. For the most part they are largely static. Sylvester on the other hand has repeatedly faced his worst fears and come out stronger. He’s learning to cope, to deal with what holds him back constructively. He’s also the only character to really have a crisis. He was shot and was planning to quit ultimately coming back, stronger and better for it. I enjoy the entire ensemble of the show; however I have to point out that Sylvester is getting some good writing. So no Scorpion next week so I’ll be back in two weeks with more.

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