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Scorpion 1×13 ‘Kill Screen’: Video games are bad

Source: CBS

Happy New Year everyone! Scorpion’s back, and so am I whether you want us or not! In this episode Ralph plays a video game and goes to jail.

So Walter has been mentoring Ralph, right? and he doesn’t really know how to do that so he ends up being more like Ralph’s friend and not father figure, sometimes forgetting that Ralph is 10 and doesn’t know the way of the world. Walter show Ralph how to go to illegal websites and play test video games. Someone on the website is using the games to sell government secrets and Ralph gets wrapped up in it as a suspected accomplice. A little hard to swallow but it makes for a fun episode. Walter and the team catch the real suspect, but not before getting a game developer stabbed.

Source: CBS Great game, it has a ticking clock and everything

Source: CBS
Great game, it has a ticking clock and everything

The big thing they did here was introduce our next over arcing source of drama. So a few episodes ago they introduced Ralph’s dad and now there’s a love triangle between him, Paige, and Walter. Well now the obvious has happened someone stood up a said, hey maybe a government special ops team is not the best place to raise a kid. Huh, didn’t think of that. Now Ralph’s dad wants him removed from that environment for his safety and Paige needs to decide between Scorpion and her former lover. It’s basically just an extension of the love triangle by adding Ralph into the mix and making it a love square. Drew, the dad, wants both Paige and Ralph not just to be a family again but to leave Scorpion. Walter of course loves them both, but won’t admit it. So there you have it. The love square, and I’m glad. I hate love triangles and anytime someone changes it up a bit I’ll take it. So now it’s not a, who do I love? question it’s a, what’s best for my son? question. That’s great and honestly she should leave Scorpion because in the real world she would get herself killed. However, this is TV. So obviously they will drag this out for a while and she’ll ultimately stay. But at least they’re trying out something different in the setup.

On the flip side Toby feels inadequate because he’s not a rocket scientist and isn’t allowed to help Walter build his rocket engine. Then he saves the aforementioned stab victim’s life with a tampon and jumper cables, thus proving his usefulness. Also we find that Sylvester is a record setting video game master. Also with rad dance skills.

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