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Scorpion 1×12 ‘Dominoes’: Tiny Tim fell down a sinkhole?

Source: CBS

It’s a Christmas Miracle on Scorpion. 10 year old Owen is trapped in a sink hole by a rockslide and apparently that’s a job for homeland security. And it’s a good thing too because the situation is SO specific that only Walter and his team can get him out.

So it’s Christmas time and this is a Christmas episode after the action and car chases for last week this one is all drama. Walter helps this kid fly a kite and not more than a few lines of dialogue later the boy is suddenly playing in some caves unsupervised and is trapped by a landslide. So Walter takes it upon himself to get him out. But every step along the way there’s a problem, some sort of hurdle, but ultimately they do save his life. It wouldn’t be much of a miracle if they didn’t.

Source: CBS Dominoes. As if that was the name of the episode... wait.

Source: CBS
Dominoes. As if that was the name of the episode… wait.

While mostly a feel good episode there was some great character development. Happy has finally reached out to her father, also her and Toby grew closer. The odd part is when Toby finds out he’s surprised that she tracked him down, thing is Toby was the one who tracked him down. I think what’s implied is Toby is surprised Happy actually went and talked to him, but still it was a little weird. Sylvester had a crisis. After last week’s episode and his near death experience he’s already on the fence about Scorpion’s new direction but in the heat of the moment he gets a calculation wrong by only about 30 minutes and decides he’s broken and quits. Walter’s sister Megan, played by Camille Guaty, who is such a great character and I’m so glad that it seems she’s going to be a regular, tracks him down and gives him some tough love and basically belittles him. Now of course that’s exactly what Sylvester needs right now and he finds the strength to hold a boulder over his head. He’s a wreaking machine! Later they kiss under the mistletoe, it was cute.

Source: CBS Don't make me do stuff.

Source: CBS
Don’t make me do stuff.

A weird thing is that everyone pretty much gives up on the kid listing very sound logical arguments to the effect that there is no way the kid will survive except Mr. Logic himself who for some reason still clings to… what? Hope? I don’t understand why Walter was so dedicated beyond the fact that he gave the kid his word. Then when he pulls it off and everyone calls it a miracle he’s like all, ‘no. it was math.’ And I’m like, ‘whatever dude it’s just the writers.’ The other thing is the local new media. They had access to all the details every step of the way. Absurd. When Walter, to everyone’s surprise, dives into the hole to save the kid the news immediately announces who went down the hole and why, no, in the chaos of the moment no one would bother to update the media and so they would not have any clue. In fact they would know very little of what was going on until it was all over. Like a couple of hours after it was over during the press conference. Also they hack into the police Wi-Fi in order to spy on the skype conversation between Walter and the kid which is not only HIGHLY unethical and certainly illegal but also a HUGE liability. If the sinkhole caved in and they were crushed to death on live TV, major lawsuit.

Source: CBS It's a warm December at the beach

Source: CBS
It’s a warm December at the beach

Still it was a fun episode and a great Christmas episode. While not overbearing, it wasn’t like Santa killed a guy, or got killed by a guy, it was just a hint of Christmas. An event that happened to take place during Christmas. Like Die Hard, arguably the greatest Christmas film ever made. So Merry Christmas one and all and to all some good TV viewing. Scorpion is going on Hiatus until January but it shall return and so shall I right here on I’ll see you then.

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