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Scorpion 1×09 ‘Rogue Element’: Campaign finance is no joke

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Agent Cabe Gallo’s Ex-wife reaches out because her life is in danger. Cabe, mildly, overreacts and the team goes dark to investigate the related death of a senator. The usual themes play out, breaking and entering, Walter and Cabe’s father/son relationship, Toby flirting with Happy, and a car chase.

As Scorpion rolls on I have genuinely been enjoying the show. If you’ve read my previous reviews then you know that my only real complaint has been that certain plot points have been fairly contrived, or cliché. Scorpion however has still managed to stay entertaining despite this through a fun cast and witty dialogue. Episode nine however was rather original and still a lot of fun. Something great was we got to see Cabe lose his cool. Sure, we’ve seen him get angry, and maybe a little sad, but always in control. This time he was completely lost with no idea of what t to do next. It’s nice to see him humanized like that. It builds character, literally it creates a layer of background for the character and gives Cabe more depth as a human being. Now that we know a little more about his backstory the show can draw from that in later episodes and build an even more well-rounded character as a result. And while I’m at it, props to Robert Patrick, he’s pretty good.

Source: CBS Don't mind me. Just the window washer.

Source: CBS
Don’t mind me. Just the window washer.

Now on to the car chase, decent for network TV, a lot of shots of them in the car in front of a green screen doing the old Star Trek bridge shake. However there were two car crashes which I assume is where most of the budget for the episode went. The love triangle got a little more complicated too as Drew is contemplating relocating the family for his Baseball career. The career he was no good at and gave up to be with his family. There’s no need to worry however since Katharine McPhee has second billing I’m sure her character Paige and Ralph aren’t going anywhere.

Source: CBS Think my premium will go up?

Source: CBS
Think my premium will go up?

There was a plot hole that I feel warrants pointing out. They drive out to Cabe’s old house, the one he and his Ex-wife shared. It’s apparently his ‘safe’ house yet the bad guys show up and kidnap the girl with no explanation aside from the remark of, ‘we were so careful.’ Followed by, ‘Who knows what kind of access they have.’ Now you might think that they glazed over how they were found just so there could be an exciting car chase, but you would be wrong. Fact is they were bound to get caught because they weren’t being careful at all! People are trying to kill us so let’s hide in the only property that has both of our names on it. Truth is they glazed over the fact that hiding on your own property is a bad idea so they could have a touching scene about Cabe’s past. Ultimately though, as I said before, Cabe’s character development was worth it.

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