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Scorpion 1×07 ‘Father’s Day’ : What? in November?

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Keith David guest starred, and no one told him to put on glasses. A tired old cliché walks out of Paige’s past and the team eats some fruit.The television mandated love triangle showed up today. First off I’m aware that love triangles do happen in real life, but are they really required in every television drama? Seriously? Why is it that the standard relationship complication everyone falls back on is to introduce a third party? At least give it a twist and throw us a love dodecahedron or something. Just mix it up a little, but no for Scorpion it’s just the standard someone from Paige’s past that she has complicated feelings for. The complicated part is that he’s Ralph’s dad. So although he ran out on them seven years ago because they were standing in the way of his dream of Baseball greatness, really? come on, he’s all adamant about seeing his son. Even spouting out things such as the ever popular, ‘The best thing I’ve ever done I abandoned.’ Please you got that from a post card! The whole thing was very forced and formulaic. Also I do really have a problem with the fact that he calls the Scorpion office instead of just phoning Paige, and then stops by because he knows where and when she works apparently. I’m aware that Scorpion is a business and I’m sure they are listed in the phone book but he knows where Paige works and not her number? It was lazy! Having him call the business makes it so that everyone knows and they don’t have to write a ‘cats out of the bag’ since, but in the process of being lazy they made him seem like a major stalker, that’s weird.

Source: CBS Would anyone care for fruit or dessert?

Source: CBS
Would anyone care for fruit or dessert?

Moving on all this daddy talk brought up a lot of troubled pasts. With Walter we got to see more of his betrayal by Agent Gallo. As Gallo builds him up and then uses him to make bombs we get to see Walter look up to him, like a father, making the betrayal that much more personal. Cool to see. Meanwhile Happy looks up her dad, well Toby does, but happy tracks him down. And in a closing sequence that could have only been made more painfully trite if it had a song playing with a slow guitar riff everyone reconnects with their fathers. Awwww.

The tropes and clichés have yet to really bother me much because Scorpion is still a lot of fun. It’s purely a popcorn show. Something to enjoy for an hour and not think too hard about. This is not an AMC or HBO drama, and it doesn’t present itself as such. It’s purely entertainment and it certainly succeeds in that regard. There was a great running gag about fruit and Toby played a great 1980’s bad movie cop whose about to snap. However, I would appreciate it if they cut back a bit on the contrived plot points. Maybe just limit it to one per episode, eh?

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