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Scorpion 1×04 ‘Shorthanded’: Is that some sort of pun about the dealer’s small hands?

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Viva Las Vegas

It is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it is also said that every television show must have a Las Vegas episode. Scorpion decided to get theirs out of the way early with episode 4.

The team takes on an independent contract to look into why a pricy casino is losing money at the card tables. Turns out it’s not theft or cheating, it’s because one of the dealer’s hands are too small. Wait, what? Ok well moving on, the casino loses a lot more money when it gets robbed and Walter is framed. Things go downhill from there, as one would imagine. For the most part this episode was about character relationships. How does everyone work together, how do they work without Walter, and what role does Paige fill? Stuff like that.

Source: CBS Hi, we're professionals

Source: CBS
Hi, we’re professionals

Something the show has been doing rather well so far is its approach to comedy. Most of the humor in the show comes from the fact that the characters have almost no social skills and no idea how to interact with normal society. However the show does not take the low road of going, ‘oh hey, everybody, come take a look at these geniuses, let’s all laugh at the geniuses! They can’t interact in normal people.’ Al a Big Bang theory. However this is not a sitcom it’s a crime drama with humorous elements, a genre I have always found to be more entertaining in the first place. The aforementioned humor of the show has thus far derived from situational running gags and inter-character relations. It’s not just a punchline, queue the laugh track, it’s a series of set ups with a humorous payoff later in the program. Perfect example comes from Walter and Toby’s interaction in this week’s show.

Source: CBS So, what'ca in for?

Source: CBS
So, what’ca in for?

Toby has a gambling problem. He can’t control himself. So Walter, rather smartly, decides to deal with his gambling problem by placing a high stakes bet. He bets Toby his paycheck that he wouldn’t gamble, essentially tempting him to not gamble by gambling. Then the whole time they are at the casino Toby is distraught. Saying he’s ‘like a blind man at a peep show.’ As it is pointless to be at a casino and not gamble. Well then Walter gets arrested and at his arraignment he keeps saying that he has a plan, don’t worry, he’s got this. So when it comes time for him to enact his master plan, it’s to claim that in order to be properly tried by a jury of his peers they would need to find 12 people with and IQ of 197 or higher, which he claims in impossible in Las Vegas. So since there will be no fair trail they have no option but to let him go. Queue laugh track. All that does however is annoy the judge who sets a very high bail. As they drag Walter away he’s yelling back, ‘Toby, go win my bail money! The bet’s off!’  It’s hilarious, first of all was that actually his plan? Obviously it was because when it didn’t work he started freaking out. But why on Earth did he think that would work? But it gets better. Toby and Sylvester do quickly raise half the funds for the bail, by massive amounts of successful gambling. Then Toby loses it ALL on a double or nothing bet at roulette. Needless to say when they see each other again, Walter is not pleased. So we’ve spent most of the episode laughing at these two bickering back and forth, making fools out of themselves. But to top it off at the end of episode Agent Gallo, just like a stern father, refuses to give them a ride home. He leaves them in the middle of the desert, forcing them to walk all the way to Vegas to catch a bus.

Source: CBS Walter, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Source: CBS
Walter, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Of course during this time they reconcile and sort everything out and decide instead to hit up the casinos with the 12 dollars they have left until they raise enough for first class air fare back to California.

It’s a running gag of poor choices between the two of them that stems from, as Toby put it, Walter wants to impress Gallo, his father figure, and Toby wants to impress Walter, the guy who gave him a second chance. So no one was thinking rationally and it made for good television. Great job CBS, keep up the good work.

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